What is a set and why is it needed?

A set is a set of popular pieces of furniture, where each of them has its own function and emphasizes the strengths of the “neighbors”. In fact, this is a finished interior. It remains only to add a little decor.

Sets are assembled in such a way as to maintain a balance between price and quality. As a result, the cost of a complete set of furniture starts from 250,000 rubles. Sufficiently affordable prices for stylish models made of reliable, modern materials can be maintained due to the fact that all furniture is designed and manufactured by Dantone Home in Russia. Now the brand is running a promotion with sets, the conditions can be found at this link.

Set #1: Scandi, minimalism and a hint of classics

Dantone Home

The central element is the Andersen sofa. He will not take on the role of an accent. But it will become an excellent base and starting point for creating a harmonious, calm interior. Simple forms, laconic, universal design, the absence of unnecessary details – all those features that are especially appreciated today are characteristic of Andersen. And, of course, functionality, which is especially important for small apartments. In the afternoon or in the evening, this sofa will bring the family together for a movie screening. And at night it will turn into a full-fledged sleeping place.

In this selection around Andersen, Dantone Home designers built an interior with a Scandinavian feel, but also with a hint of the elegant simplicity of modern classics. A chest of drawers and a nightstand from the Austin series in this case look strictly and restrained. In general, this collection of cabinet furniture is a kind of constructor. With it, you can assemble your cabinet, chest of drawers or console: choose the configuration, color, facade decor, even the shape of the legs.

The table and chair from the Narvik collection are responsible for the Scandinavian style in this set. Moreover, Scandi is at the intersection with minimalism. Clean lines, long thin legs for both objects, thin crossbars on the back of the chair – all this makes the space airy, deprives the furniture of massiveness, adds lightness to it.

And, of course, the composition would not be complete without a miniature coffee table from the Soho series. The gilded base and marble tops bring a touch of Art Deco chic to a calm, minimalist space.

Set #2: Mix of styles

Dantone Home

This set is built around the Scandinavian restrained and elegant Foster sofa. With thin, open legs, a wooden base and decorative stitching on the cushions, Foster gives us a subtle reference to mid-20th century aesthetics and mid-century modern style. But in this compilation, he finds himself in an unexpected environment and looks in a new way.

The Chic swivel armchair in velvety muted grass upholstery, the Metropolitan consoles with slender legs and brass handles all evoke theatrics and glitz of Art Deco. Godfrey coffee tables are representatives of the original colonial style. As a result, we get a mixture of styles that is fashionable today. At the same time, the space remains unified, harmonious and functional. The sofa is equipped with a pantograph mechanism and unfolds into a double bed. And consoles with open and closed shelves will help maintain order.

Set #3: Minimalism and a bit of ethnicity

Dantone Home

Minimalism with a touch of ethnicity. So this collection can be briefly described. In the center is a laconic, universal in its simplicity, modern and elegant Laszlo sofa. But its simplicity is only external. In fact, Laszlo is very versatile and functional. This is a modular model. So, you can choose an option that is convenient and suitable for any space. Inside the sofa hides a spacious storage box. A folding mechanism with a slight movement turns the sofa into a bed.

A logical and harmonious tandem with Laszlo is a chest of drawers and a table from the Bridge collection. This series is characterized by a complete lack of decor. And beauty and charm are embedded in the design features: smooth, clean lines. And also in the expressiveness of textures: the texture of natural oak was used for the facades, and brass elements complement it.

Ethnic motifs are brought into the interior by an unusual, accent Tribal table, decorated with ornaments and mother-of-pearl.

Set No. 4: For those who appreciate traditions

Dantone Home

Boring classic with art deco elements. This is about the fourth set in our selection. The Pool sofa sets the mood for the interior. This model, of course, is a nod to the classic style. But in its modern reading. There is no excessive decoration here. But there are harmonious proportions, symmetry, velvet upholstery in a creamy or gray-beige shade. The main sign of style is an elegant light carriage tie on the back. And, of course, rounded rollers. At the same time, the Pool is equipped with a modern convenient folding mechanism.

The sofa is accompanied by a chest of drawers, a showcase and a coffee table from the City collection, a project by English designer James Patterson and the Dantone Home team. Art Deco motifs are guessed in their outlines, but in combination with the texture of oak and brass fittings, it acquires great respectability. And thin, elegant legs leave a feeling of lightness and weightlessness.

What else?

Most of these sets are available in Dantone Home showrooms. The company produces furniture not only for the living room, but also for other rooms in the house. So you can be creative and assemble a set of furniture to your liking for any room or for the entire apartment.

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