White, beige, gray and pastel colors are the best for decorating living rooms. They will fit into any style, and will also make even a small room cozy and spacious. In this article, we’ll show you how to create a stylish, boring bedroom interior in light colors, whether it’s a classic boudoir or a light Scandi space.

Modern bedroom design in light colors

Color spectrum
— Monochrome
– Basic
– with accents
Suitable styles
— Scandi
— Contemporary
— Classic
— Neoclassic
— Boho
Design Ideas

Color spectrum

The light palette is vast and much more diverse than it might seem. It’s not just pure white or classic beige: a light-colored bedroom can include pearl grays, baby blues, pinks, creamy hues, and more. But using them all at the same time will not work, so first of all you should choose one of the three color options.


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Monochrome interiors are very popular right now. This is due to the fact that the design is dominated by naturalness, comfort, general relaxed mood, simplicity in everything. Hence the trend to use a mono palette. It consists of one complex color (for example, beige or gray), which is used for all interior elements: decoration, furniture, decor. You can use different shades, but the most important thing is a variety of textures. It is they who add volume to the space, reveal the same color in a certain way, create contrasts in the room without the use of other colors.

To make the bedroom look more interesting, use various techniques.:


The second type of palette is a classic combination of several colors, but they are all basic.

This option is suitable for those who make repairs on their own: combining neutral shades with each other is much easier than assembling a complex range. In addition, it is easier to choose furniture and finishes in basic colors than in non-standard colors.

The secret of a harmonious palette is in the right shades. If you take the most standard beige, complement it with pure white and classic gray, you can get a rather boring and predictable picture.

So experiment with complex tones of base colors.:

The classic base can be diluted with pastel tones: from bleached yellow to pale lavender. Especially often they are used in Provence or neoclassical.

With accents

Finally, if a completely neutral palette seems too simple for you, you can dilute it with splashes of bright colors.

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As in the previous version, the secret of success lies in the nuances of color. Avoid straightforward solutions, monosyllabic and acidic colors. A simple life hack is to look for shades that are found in nature, as they always look more noble. For example, if you want to add red accents to a beige bedroom, choose them not in pure scarlet, but pay attention to wine, coral, raspberry, brick.

When drawing up a palette, be guided by your preferences and the location of the room. With a beige, gray and white base, any color goes equally well, so the choice is not limited by anything. But, for example, if the windows face north and there is little light in the bedroom, it is better to add accents of warm colors – they will make the room more comfortable. And if, on the contrary, there is already too much sun, the space can be cooled with cool tones: blue or blue, purple, mint, anthracite. In any case, it is important not to overdo it with a variety of colors, so it is best to use the 60/30/10 rule: 60% of the palette is a neutral shade, 30% is more saturated, 10% is a bright accent. This is a proven and harmonious proportion.

Suitable styles

The main advantage of the base tones is stylistic versatility. You can design a bright bedroom in a modern style, in scandi or in luxurious classics. Consider the areas in which such a palette is used most often.


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The undisputed leader among all styles is Scandinavian. Due to the similarity of mentalities with the northern countries, it has taken root and gained immense popularity in our latitudes. And simplicity and democracy will fall in love with those who furnish their homes without the help of a designer.

Characteristics of Scandi:

Scandi is one of the best styles for a small bedroom.

Bedroom in a modern style in light colors

Modern design implies ergonomics, comfort, naturalness, functionality.

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All these qualities are suitable for a room where we rest, relax, start and end the day. The modern direction includes many sub-styles: from loft to eco. But they also distinguish contemporary as an independent style, which is based on general principles, and externally can be implemented in any way.

Main style markers:


Despite the popularity of modern styles, many continue to choose the classics for their home.

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Solid and elegant interiors are designed by those who appreciate tradition, continuity of generations and timeless beauty. Despite the splendor and some pomposity characteristic of the classics, in the bedroom it, as a rule, appears in a more restrained form.

The classic style is characterized:


Classic in its purest form today is found mainly in country houses or spacious premium apartments.

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But for ordinary city apartments, neoclassicism is much more often chosen – a more modern and democratic version of the canonical traditional interiors. The basic principles of these areas are similar, but modern classics are less strict in many aspects: from the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room to the choice of materials.

The main features of the style:


Modern trends are most often associated with minimalism, but this is not necessarily the case.

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If you like creativity, light thoughtful chaos and a relaxed vacation atmosphere, we recommend decorating the bedroom in boho style. It appeared in the 60s along with the heyday of the hippie movement and absorbed all its main ideas.

Boho style is characterized:

Design Ideas

Regardless of the style and the chosen palette, there are several general principles that will help you design a harmonious and boring bright interior.

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Basic Rules

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