one Tent-tent on the river bank

Tourists often unfairly ignore tents, considering them not comfortable enough. But just look at this one! A structure with several zones is in no way inferior to a classic wooden house. Unless the walls here are fabric, but you can also find a plus in this – this way you feel as close to nature as possible. Despite the small space of the tent, it managed to accommodate a bathroom with a barrel bath, a bedroom area and even a small dressing room. The decor is minimalistic, all the furniture is made of wood. The interior is dominated by natural shades and materials.

2 Triangular house with glass wall

A cozy hut is located on the edge of the forest. Its main highlight is a transparent glass wall on two floors, through which a stunning view of the surrounding nature opens. The key decision in the interior was the emerald color, around which the entire decoration is built. The cool tone looks both restrained and noble, perfectly complements the warm shades of wood and the natural greenery of indoor plants. The natural theme continues in the details: natural textures, an unusual leaf-shaped sink in the bathroom, botanical prints on textiles. There are several zones inside the house: a kitchen-living room with a fireplace and a mirrored apron in the cooking area, a secluded sofa area, a bathroom and, in fact, a bedroom on the second tier under the roof.

3 Round tent house with panoramic windows

A very small but cozy tent house with a round roof stands in the middle of a sunny meadow in the forest. Panoramic windows located right in the bedroom offer a beautiful view of nature. The space of the house is small, but it has everything you need to relax and even a sauna. Nearby there is a wooden terrace with a compact outdoor seating area.

four House on stilts with bright facade

This house looks unusual inside and out: it stands on stilts, towering above the ground, which makes it look like a fairy-tale hut on chicken legs. Red window frames stand out against the dark graphite facade and look very contrasting among the forest. The interior is completely decorated with wood, from floor to ceiling. And different shades and textures of the material do not let the space get bored. Textiles are selected in a complementary beige shade. Well, the main decoration of this interior is the view from the window. In a monochrome space, it becomes especially bright.

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5 Dome house overlooking the bay

This house – a corner of wildlife very close to the big city – is located in a pine forest. Large windows offer a magnificent view of the sky and a cozy bay, which is located very close. The house has a terrace, another recreation area is equipped next to the pond. The interior complements the space outside the window: the interior decoration of the house is dominated by natural shades and texture of natural wood.

6 Scandi hut in the northern forest

This unusual travel hut is located among ancient pines near the coast of the river Shuya. Stylish minimalist design, reminiscent of the design of Scandinavian houses, looks very colorful among the surrounding nature. Inside there is a seating area, a small entrance hall, but the main thing is a panoramic window, which also acts as a wall. Thanks to him, a small space does not look dark, as floor-to-ceiling glass blurs the boundaries between the interior and the surrounding nature and fills the house with light.

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