Designers have long ceased to use only tiles in bathrooms. Bright wallpaper is a great material to make the bathroom not boring. We invite you to see real examples!

one Green bathroom with monkeys

In a stalinka apartment designed by Karina Seiful-Mulyukova, wallpaper was used in the decoration of a small guest bathroom. According to the author of the project, in this way they decided to play a little “hooligan”. Tropical and monkey paintings are combined with small rectangular tiles with a glossy finish, and also perfectly harmonize with the golden details of the mirror and the necessary accessories – a faucet, a siphon, a hygienic shower, a toilet paper holder and a mirror frame.

Design: Karina Seiful-Mulyukova. Photo: Sergey Krasyuk. Style: Kira Prokhorova

2 Light bathroom and plant wallpaper

In the apartment designed by Anna Mizyura, all the walls, with the exception of the kitchen and the corridor, are covered with wallpaper. And the same material was used in the bathroom, combining them with light rectangular tiles. The canvases are in gray and white with rare color details, but due to the fact that they are combined with neutral tiles, they look bright.

Design: Anna Mizura. Photo: Anastasia Kutyrina

3 Bathroom with colorful wardrobe and floral wallpaper

In the project of Olga Tsurikova, a small bathroom is decorated in the same way – tiles are laid on the lower part of the wall, and the upper part is covered with wallpaper, an unobtrusive floral pattern was chosen. There was also enough space to accommodate the storage system, which perfectly harmonizes in color with the finish. According to the author of the project, at first the owners doubted whether to use wallpaper in the bathroom, but she managed to convince them – and now this area does not look utilitarian, but cozy.

Design: Olga Tsurikova. Photo: Anton Likhtarovich. Style: Ekaterina Shapovalova

four Wallpaper with fish in the bathroom

In the bathroom designed by Tatyana Alipova, tiles were combined with wallpaper with a fish pattern. It would seem that the analogy is clear – the “wet” zone and the inhabitants of the water world. But it doesn’t look trivial at all. The colors of the tiles and wallpaper echo each other – beige and cream. And blue – the color of fish – adds an accent.

Design: Tatyana Alipova. Photo: Anton Likhtarovich. Style: Alexandra Pylenkova

5 Bathroom in bright colors

Designers Yulia Denskevich and Yulia Ermakova created this apartment for a family that doesn’t like stereotyped solutions. One of them was implemented in the bathroom – wallpaper instead of tiles or even paint. Here again, a nice green color, tropical pattern and golden details. Beautiful and exquisite!

Design: Yulia Denskevich and Yulia Ermakova. Photo: Ivan Sorokin. Style: Anna Krutolevich

6 Spacious classic style bathroom

In this apartment in a historic building in St. Petersburg, they tried to create an appropriate atmosphere at the junction of classics and modernity. The bathroom has been stripped of tiles on the walls. The lower part is painted and decorated with moldings, while the upper part is painted and wallpapered. The accent wall with wallpaper is located in the sink area. The drawing echoes the color of the cabinet and acts as a harmonious backdrop for the mirror in a golden frame.

Design: Olga Slugina. Photo: Ekaterina Titenko, Anna Chernyshova. Style: Kira Plotnikova

7 Contrast bathroom

In the project of Svetlana Kuksova, a contrasting range was used in the bathroom: red, black, white in the form of plumbing. These shades are collected in the wallpaper on the walls, so the space looks harmonious. And art enhances the feeling of graphics. By the way, the wallpaper is from the designer’s own collection.

Design: Svetlana Kuksova. Photo: Natalia Mavrenkova

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