Customers and tasks

This studio in the Moscow residential complex “Nebo” is intended for rent, and the main task for designers Vadim and Ekaterina Bychkov was to create a memorable interior that would stand out from the others. In terms of functionality, it was necessary to think over a bedroom, a kitchen with a dining room, a workplace, a comfortable bathroom – everything to make the tenant (or a couple) comfortable.


The layout of the studio is elongated, with one (albeit large) window, from which a stunning view opens. The boundaries of the bathroom were determined by the developer, so the walls were built along them. In addition, we made partitions for building a closet in the hallway and a kitchen unit. The working area was placed by a large window. There were load-bearing pylons on the sides of the developer, they were hidden in this way, but at the same time, the pylons also served for visual zoning.

The bedroom is separated from the kitchen by a partition made of glass blocks, they were also used in the construction of a partition between the kitchen and the bathroom. The apron in the kitchen, and it is also part of the wall in the sink area in the bathroom, are made of blocks. In this way, some natural light enters the bathroom, and the whole solution looks fresh and interesting.


Washable paint of different shades was chosen for the walls. Three colors were combined: anthracite (in the working area), gray-blue (in the hallway) and mustard (on the wall opposite the bed and in the kitchen-dining room). On the wall behind the head of the bed there is wallpaper with a geometric pattern, canvases “collected” the colors of this interior, which looks both accentuated and harmonious.

On the floor – laminate 33 class. Tile was chosen for the floor in the hallway. The bathroom is decorated entirely in large format porcelain stoneware, gray on the walls and with a slight terrazzo effect on the floor.

Furniture and storage systems

The main storage space is a high cabinet under the ceiling in the hallway area. The mezzanine sections were made specifically so that seasonal items could be folded. In the kitchen, the upper cabinets have also been extended to the ceiling to store rarely used utensils and appliances. To save space on the work surface, we installed the hob on two burners. Refrigerator – small, built-in under the countertop. The oven has been abandoned.

In the TV area there is a cabinet for storing various small things and papers.

Next to the bed are two hanging open shelves. And in the working area they made a small rack in a construction way, where you can put books or documents.

In the bathroom above the washing machine there is a built-in wardrobe for storing household items and hygiene items.


Spot overhead spots were used for general lighting in the apartment. They illuminate the hallway, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and window table. Additional lighting scenarios – sconces next to the bed, pendants above the dining table and above the console in the hallway, sconces on the sides of the mirror in the bathroom – work as functional and decorative light sources.

Designers Ekaterina and Vadim Bychkov, authors of the project:

When creating the project, we were inspired by the architecture of the building in which it is located, Soviet constructivism and the works of Pablo Picasso. The color palette has developed from three main shades: gray-blue, mustard and anthracite. Gray-blue shade – in the hallway and bathroom area. The mustard hue was matched to the geometric wallpaper above the bed, which is the main focus of this project. Anthracite was matched to the color of the window profile from the developer, which was not changed. This color is used in the working area near the window, as well as in painting the baseboard.

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