The name itself sounds mysterious, doesn’t it? And in the photo, the floating bed looks exactly like this – mysterious and magical. In addition, it is also called levitating. How can such an effect be achieved? We’ll tell you in the article.

All about the floating bed in the interior

What it is
Types by type of fastening
– on one pedestal
– Multi-legged
– on the frame
– on the ropes
Pros and cons
Design solutions
Is it possible to do it yourself
Flying bed and interior styles

What is a floating bed

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The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom. Usually she is given an honorable central place, decorated with textiles, pillows. On the sides put bedside tables or hang shelves. But what if everything familiar is tired, and the soul requires new solutions? Unusual designs come to the rescue. And one of them is a sleeping place “without legs”.

It seems as if it is suspended in the air, without any support. In fact, there is no magic here, but of course there are legs. They are simply located in such a way that you can’t see it from the side, and it turns out that the bed soars above the floor. To unravel the secret of levitation, you have to look under the base of such a bed.

What are fasteners

There are several ways to fix a bed with a floating effect. Consider the main ones that can be applied in any apartment.

With support in the middle

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Such models have one “leg” located in the middle of the base. In fact, this is not just a leg, but rather a thick and reliable support. It can be made of wood or metal. A flying bed with a base is also necessarily attached to the wall from the side of the headboard. Or put in a corner and hold on to two walls. It results in a solid construction. It is able to withstand quite a lot of weight.

with multiple legs

This option is similar to the previous one. Only instead of one support, several are used at once.

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They are located closer to the middle of the bed, so they are not visible from the outside at all. Legs can be made not only from wood and metal, but also from durable transparent plastic or even glass.

With this method, it is also desirable to make an additional mount to the wall.

On the frame

Another common way. What does it look like? A solid framework is being built. Its size should be significantly smaller than the size of the bed, but still large enough.


You can assemble the frame from wood or metal. Usually, such models do not require additional fastening to the wall, since the support area is significant.

On ropes or chains

This type of fastening stands apart, since the design itself is fundamentally different from others.

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The bed is not placed on a support, but hung on ropes or metal chains mounted on the ceiling. And it almost literally can fly, swinging smoothly on the cables.

A hanging bed is not suitable for everyone – at a minimum, the room should have high ceilings. You also need to make calculations and make sure the design is safe.

Pros and cons of a floating bed

Like any solution, this design has both advantages and disadvantages.

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Design solutions

Base material

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For the manufacture of the base, you can use different materials. But most often they choose an array of wood, metal or their tandem. Of course, the tree is also suitable for sheathing the frame. But this is a rather expensive solution, so cheaper materials are often used: MDF, chipboard and chipboard. In the choice of upholstery (if they do not leave bare wood and metal), everything is prosaic: they use the same fabrics as for ordinary furniture.

The form

Most often, flying beds have a classic rectangular shape. It allows you to make a really secure mount.


However, there are other instances. For example, round shape. They are usually placed on a frame, since it is more difficult to attach a round bed to the wall.


Here everything is limited only by the imagination of the customer and, perhaps, by the style of the interior.

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The headboard can be made in the size of a bed or a little wider. Sometimes it is left wooden, upholstered with fabric or eco-leather.


A good companion for a floating bed will be LED lighting. The tape is attached to the bottom of the base on three sides.

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Diffused glow enhances the effect of levitation. You can use special sensors and make a smart backlight. For example, so that it turns on itself in the dark and turns off in the light. Or, for example, reacted to the movement of a person.

It is better to put a floating bed with lighting closer to the outlet. The power supply of the LED strip must be connected to the network.

Is it possible to do it yourself

Quite. Unless, of course, there is at least a minimum experience with wood and metal.

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  1. First, determine what size bed you need. That is the size of the mattress. Then evaluate the size of the room. And, comparing both factors, decide what size bed can be comfortably placed. Keep in mind that the thickness of the bed frame must be added to the dimensions of the mattress.
  2. Decide what materials you will use, what shape you need, what type of support will work, and what size headboard you will need.
  3. Before proceeding directly to work, you need to prepare a drawing. You can make it yourself or find ready-made.
  4. Decide if you need additional items. For example, storage areas for blankets, pillows, bed linen, mattress covers and other accessories. If so, you can assemble a floating bed with a lifting mechanism.
  5. For self-creation of a support or frame, craftsmen most often choose a tree. It is easier and more convenient to work with it than with metal, it requires less special equipment. If we talk about types of wood, then larch or pine are often used – this is a relatively inexpensive material. Of the more expensive options – beech and oak.
  6. Decided to use both wood and metal, but you do not have enough experience with them or do not have the necessary tools? The manufacture of individual elements can be ordered from specialists. And then collect them yourself.
  7. Estimate your budget. To save money, you can use MDF or chipboard for the outer skin of the base.
  8. About the headboard. If you decide to make soft, you will need both upholstery material and a special filler.
  9. Usually, work begins with the assembly of the support, then they move on to the frame and the base of the bed, and in the final – to the headboard.

What interior styles are suitable

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When such structures first appeared, they were entered into the interior quite carefully. More often, designers decided on a floating bed in loft-style, hi-tech, minimalist bedrooms, less often in Scandinavian style. Suspension was used in interiors with ethno-character.

But now a flying structure can be found even in a classic or neoclassical interior. And the hanging one looks great both in romantic Provence, country and oriental styles, as well as in a loft. So the only limitation is the imagination of the customer and the designer.

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