one Small kitchen with a sofa

In the odnushka designed by Olga Uglova and Tatyana Vorontsova from the Svoi Design studio, the kitchen occupies a little more than 7 squares. And functionality is top notch. The headset was turned at an angle. The cabinets are extended to the ceiling, so there is enough storage space. The dining group is represented by a small sofa, a chair and a round table on one leg – a convenient model for small kitchens. The refrigerator was brought to the entrance, and wallpaper with a large tropical pattern adds decorativeness to the space.

2 Small bright kitchen in stalinka

In the apartment, which was renovated by designer Kristina Lichik, the kitchen has already been combined with the living room, but the kitchen space itself takes up very little space, a few square meters. However, by design, this is one of the brightest areas. The blue set contrasts favorably with the retro-style red refrigerator. On the shelves above the stove there is decor, including a spectacular picture with three cats – these are the pets of the owners of the apartment, captured in this way. The space looks cute, stylish and well thought out from a functional point of view (there is enough storage space and work space).

3 Compact kitchen in the studio

In the project of Inna Azorskaya – a studio for a young man – the kitchen occupies a small area. The set is inscribed in a kind of niche – it was placed on the site of the former dressing room, which was envisaged by the developer.

The set is built according to the U-shaped principle. There are upper cabinets only on two sides, tall column cabinets with built-in appliances are also provided. And one side was left without upper modules, with an emphasis on the chimney hood. This wall is completely decorated with large-format marble-effect porcelain tiles, as is the backsplash.

The dining group is already located in the passage area between the kitchen and the living room.

four Bright kitchen in a panel house

In an apartment designed by Inna Chashina for a mature couple, the kitchen occupies 6 square meters. It is connected with the living room through an opening without a door. The fact that a large table was placed in the living area made it possible to comfortably place a functional set with everything you need. So, there is a lot of storage space, a spacious two-door refrigerator, as well as a wardrobe with a built-in oven and microwave. This column was placed non-standard, separately from the corner set, inscribed in the space between the window and the doorway.

5 Small kitchen with unusual furniture arrangement

In this apartment in a typical P-44 panel house designed by Anna Malyutina, the kitchen occupies a little more than 7 square meters. The furniture is not quite standard for small spaces – according to a parallel layout. On the one hand – a line with a sink, a refrigerator, on the other – with a hob and a mini-oven. The dining group is located in the center. Upper cabinets are made up to the ceiling to increase storage space.

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