Customers and tasks

The owner of this apartment is a young man. He works in the field of investments, is fond of yoga, loves traveling. He had several requirements for the design of the apartment: a shared kitchen-living room, so that it would be comfortable to invite guests, a separate dressing room to accommodate all things. With these wishes, he turned to designer Yana Sakharevich.


Before the renovation, the apartment combined a kitchen and a living room, a rectangular entrance hall, and a separate bedroom. The designer suggested making a common studio space using the entrance hall, as well as expanding the living area with a bedroom. A dressing room was allocated in the bedroom, as the customer wanted.


From the previous owners of the apartment, the new owner partially left the parquet in good condition. It was decided not to dismantle it, but to pick up a new parquet floor in the color of the existing one. The task was completed! In the kitchen (as in the “wet” zone) they made the finishing with porcelain stoneware.

The walls have been painted throughout. In the common area – light paint. In the bedroom – a deep emerald color. In order to make the minimalist space more interesting, we used a layout of moldings on the walls.

In the kitchen and in the bathroom there is a heated floor under porcelain stoneware. In the bathroom, we also decided to make a “warm” wall. This made it possible to abandon the heated towel rail – towels and things on hooks will dry out from the heat of this wall.

The decoration of the window slopes is interesting. The apartment has large floor-to-ceiling windows with access to a narrow long balcony. To emphasize the window openings, we made the design of the slopes with a tree.

The bathroom combines several materials. Porcelain stoneware is laid on the floor, “wet” zones (where water directly enters) and the lower part of the walls are decorated with tiles, and the rest of the walls are decorated with decorative plaster.

Storage systems and furniture

The owner of the apartment is an adherent of minimalism in everyday life, so the dressing room at the bedroom has become the main place to store all things.

The living room has a TV cabinet for small items. The kitchen set is compact. Here they abandoned the upper cabinets, which only added space and air.

In the bathroom for storage, a vanity cabinet and a hanging cabinet-pencil case were provided, which fit perfectly into the niche between the wall and the ledge of the sewn-in toilet installation.

Furniture – simple forms. For the common area, a multifunctional transforming table was chosen, which, when folded, is a small coffee table, and when unfolded, it turns into a full-fledged dining table. Convenient for receiving guests.


To maintain the visual height of the ceilings and the feeling of free space, minimalist lamps were chosen. So, in the living room there is a linear lamp built into the ceiling. In the kitchen – spotlights and pendants above the dining table. In the bedroom, we decided to add coziness and decorativeness with the help of a central ceiling chandelier and pendants on the sides of the bed.

The bathroom has bright spotlights.

Designer Yana Sakharevich, author of the project:

The whole style is built on minimalism and cleanliness: clean surfaces, clean form, minimal furniture. All this makes it possible to concentrate on the main thing, to focus on important things. Windows played an important role in the interior. Floor-to-ceiling glass lets in natural light and the energy of nature. It was important to keep this thread alive.

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