• The retinue plays the king, the atmosphere of the room is created by a successful, interesting lighting solution. Light, in addition to its utilitarian function, has long been performing a decorative one and is increasingly “adapting” to the features of a modern home, to the lifestyle of its inhabitants and radically changes everyday life. ATour focus today– light objects of the new time.

    Light mise-en-scene Atelier Sedap Seemingly decorative lamp– only an auxiliary element. However, unusually shaped lamps often become the object of general interest. Therefore, their choice should be given the closest attention. Table lamps with a convenient dimmer switch most often carry a double load in the interior: in the evening they are needed for work, and during the day they act as a bright element of decor. For a recreation area, a floor lamp is ideal, in which you can change the brightness level, height and tilt of the lampshade. He can “correct” the proportions of a small living room, for example, raise the ceiling of a small room or make the far wall visually closer. Decorative interior lamps have not only an attractive appearance, but also the ability to influence the mood and physical condition of their happy owners.

    Lamps as art objects

    Today’s fashion trend in the world of lighting– these are lamps, which are art objects. The original lighting fixture becomes a memorable design accessory. Of course, general lighting is necessary, but the presence of lamps in living rooms is important, which not only give light, but also decorate the interior. For example, classic table lamps have been replaced by lamps of non-traditional shapes (serpentine, “angular” andt.P.). FROMyou can read a book with such a lamp, but, in fact, it is only an auxiliary element in the overall light composition. Glass and handmade glass lamps in different styles are still in fashion. Laconic shapes made of colored glass to match upholstered furniture are ideal for living rooms. Cocoon lamps, where the light element is hidden behind a translucent fabric, are more relevant than ever. The materials used in their production have evolved a lot in recent times. So, high-quality fabrics are used for lampshades, which, despite the apparent fragility, will last for decades. Another trend of the day– eclectic. Mixing of all styles is welcome. If you fit an Art Nouveau lamp into a classic interior, no one will blame you for it.

    Olga Levitskaya, director of the salon “Lamps. Malaya Ordynka, 39 and Simonovsky Val, 15 “

    Interesting effects can be achieved using colored light. It provides various color options that determine the overall tone of the interior. Special effects, color (from the yellow-white spectrum familiar to the human eye to bright neon shades) also push the boundaries of space and change all the original colors, sometimes beyond recognition. By including colored light in the overall composition of the interior, you can create a wide variety of compositions according to your mood, turning, for example, at will, a teenager’s room into a strict study, an incendiary bright dance floor or a calm bedroom.

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    MM Lampadari
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    1-2.The role of decorative light– creation of soft evening compositions and design installations, visual zoning of venues, nuanced lighting of interior elements. With the help of lighting in the right place and at the right time, you can “program” emotions.
    3-4.The original light is doubly pleasantis a source of visual pleasure, so its functions are wider than ordinary room lighting.

    On the highest level

    At the moment, the production of lamps and lighting elements of decor has reached a completely different level. If earlier light compositions were considered as an interior component, now they are given special emphasis. For example, to highlight a certain design detail, lamps with reflected light that are interesting in shape are used. Light has become important precisely as a design element. At the same time, the technical component continues to improve. Various lamps, LEDs and new technologies are used to save energy. The average consumer, of course, is unlikely to care about the technical aspects of the issue, he needs a finished result, not just practical, but unique. In such a situation, manufacturers no longer create an ordinary lamp, but a kind of work of art, using non-traditional materials or, conversely, working with familiar raw materials and making supernova forms. Need a baroque lamp made of materials XXIin.? Please, it will be light and incredibly strong. This is the only scenario for the development of lighting decoration as an art: to correctly apply the traditions and forms of the past, creating completely new light objects in the present.

    Andrey Vasiliev, Advertising Director of Skol

    When choosing a luminaire, it must be taken into account that any visual image depends on what kind of light the device emits.– warm or cold. The characteristic of the spectrum emitted by the lamp,– an important element of creating a certain mood in the room. The more blue it contains, the more clearly the human eye perceives objects. The same effect is produced by most fluorescent light sources. BUTHere, with low-temperature lamps, the entire interior seems to be covered with a vague, mysterious veil.

    Readers’ Choice

    Light mise-en-scene Perenz


    Stained glass chandelier– a great choice for the bedroom. This is one of the many ways to “color” light. A small source of colored lighting can complement the decor of a small room, and sometimes completely change it. ATThe figure of the ceiling traces the motifs of the refined Art Nouveau style: stylized natural forms, plants with long stems and bright flowers. Thanks to its simple shape and smooth surface, the shade is easy to keep clean. Shade diameter– fiftycm. Price: 17650rub.

    Choice magazine “Ideas for your home”

    Light mise-en-scene Tobias Grau

    Tobias Grau

    Specificity of Tobias Grau products– functional and expressive forms. For example, models are presented that are the ideal solution for the work area. FROMportable wave-shaped Soon lamp, work will only be a joy. The flexible design of the device, made of acrylic, allows you to easily change the level of its inclination if necessary. The small translucent sections of which it is made resemble scales, which, together with its characteristic curved shape, makes it look like a snake. Price: 12700rub.

    The choice of the magazine “SALON-interior”

    Light mise-en-scene Baga


    The lamps of this company are distinguished by sophistication and aristocracy. Thus, the model in the classical style surprises with the sophistication of details made of colored Murano glass. It will emphasize the individuality of your room. Designed for rooms with high ceilings, spreads light throughout the space of the room. Fans of Feng Shui will appreciate this lamp. It is believed that a chandelier with pendants radiates positive energy. The size of the main part in the form of a cage– thirtythirtythirtycm. Price: 45300rub.

    The choice of the magazine “New House”

    Light mise-en-scene Flos


    Products– a classic of modern industrial design. The Taraxacum Cocoon by Italian designer Achille Castiglioni is made from an air-drying, spray-on plastic material called cocoon. The lamp looks extremely unusual, even provocative, but this does not prevent it from being a model of functionality and practicality. A light and airy spherical shade provides a soft diffused light that is pleasing to the eye. Dimensions– 6868 fiftycm. Price: 70875rub.

    Choice of magazine “Kvartirny otvet”

    Light mise-en-scene Lux Light

    Lux Light

    Modern lighting trends are such that bulky chandeliers in living rooms are a thing of the past. How to replace a common light source with several horns? The smart choice– this is a lamp in which a small room will seem larger, and a spacious living room will be flooded with light as much as possible. Light blown glass ceiling lamp creates a feeling of “air” and visually unloads the space of the room. It distributes light evenly. Affordable price makes it even more attractive to the buyer. Metal, glass. Price: 6500rub.

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    • Source: Ideas for Your Home Magazine#125