one Overhead light as the only source of illumination

The concept of lighting – “the only chandelier on the ceiling” – has ceased to be relevant for any room, today designers are thinking over multi-level lighting and using several light sources. And the bedroom is no exception.

Anna Shimanova explains his rejection of this concept as follows: “Many rooms in the apartment need different lighting scenarios, but especially the bedroom. In the morning for a soft awakening, and in the evening for a comfortable preparation for sleep, bedside sconces (do not forget about cool LED reading lights) or table lamps will help, perhaps a floor lamp can also be placed in the bedroom. All this will create variability in lighting and set the right atmosphere for relaxation and sleep.”

Project by Anna Shimanova. Photo: Maxim Maximov. Style: Ekaterina Shapovalova

2 Bedroom in the common space of the studio

Small apartments and studios are a trend in the housing market. Of course, this is explained by the fact that the price of a square meter is rapidly rising in price, so now many are considering small-sized housing for purchase. Nevertheless, even on such an area, designers strive to allocate a full-fledged place to sleep, but they do not recommend “opening” it into the studio space.

“Before, they tried to expand the space by refusing to isolate the bedroom. Now I am faced with the fact that an isolated room is necessary, says the designer Alisa Kashcheeva. — This was especially felt with the transition of the world to remote work. An alternative to a blank partition of an isolated room is sliding doors or a sliding partition, a mirrored door.

Alisa Kashcheeva’s project. Photo: Maria Irinarkhova

3 Partitions and doors that let in a lot of light

Designer Anna Shimanova emphasizes that she would not make glass partitions and doors that let in a lot of light. Of course, with reservations.

Designer Anna Shimanova:

Quality sleep is one of the keys to good health, and for this it is necessary to provide for functional blackout in the bedroom and to exclude as much as possible the possibility that something could disturb us. But, as in any rule, there is an exception here, a transparent partition, for example, can be duplicated by a curtain with a black-out lining, and in this way we can create a greater variability in the use of the room.

four Porcelain stoneware and tiles for walls and floors

Now there is a trend to use porcelain stoneware and tiles not only in wet and dirty areas like kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. But Alisa Kashcheeva prefers to abandon such decoration in the bedroom.

“Porcelain stoneware, marble, granite and tile as wall and floor finishes are cold materials and look and feel uncomfortable in the bedroom. Alternatively, you can use softer and warmer materials – wood, plaster, decorative plaster, wallpaper. On the floor – laminate, cork, parquet, quartz vinyl.

Alisa Kashcheeva’s project. Photo: Maria Irinarkhova

5 Folding sofa

Along with the growing trend for small apartments, a reasonable problem arose – how to fit the sleeping area in a small space? The most obvious solution to which we, in general, are accustomed is folding sofas. However, designers are often against it, and Anna Shimanova – not an exception.

“I would not use a pull out sofa in the bedroom instead of a full bed.
Rarely, but still I receive such requests from customers. And with each of them, I conduct explanatory work about the benefits of a quality orthopedic mattress for sleeping. If the footage of the room is small, and it is necessary to place several functions, then it is better to consider the option of a bed in a niche, ”explains Anna.

Project by Anna Shimanova

6 Soft panels behind the headboard

Until recently, we included soft panels in the top trends in bedroom design, but, according to Alisa Kashcheeva, this trend is short-lived. But there are other arguments as well.

Designer Alisa Kashcheeva:

I would not use full-wall soft panels in the project. They collect dust, are difficult to clean and will go out of fashion fairly quickly. Tip: choose materials that will always be relevant, or easily replaceable (wallpaper, painting walls with light colors).

Alisa Kashcheeva’s project. Photo: Maria Irinarkhova

7 free standing wardrobe

Anna Shimanova says that she would give up ordinary furniture in favor of built-in furniture.

“Of course, the most ideal option is to place a wardrobe system in the bedroom, if the area and layout allow. But this is not always possible. When choosing between a free-standing wardrobe and a built-in wardrobe, I prefer the latter, as it looks like a continuation of the architecture of the room, a single volume with it. And there are many tricks on how to do it on a relatively budgetary basis, for example, integrating the Pax system from IKEA into a pre-prepared niche, ”recommends Anna.

Project by Anna Shimanova. Photo: Maxim Maximov. Style: Ekaterina Shapovalova

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