one Shining room in beige tones

Due to the fact that dorm rooms are typical, students are forced to show considerable imagination in trying to personalize them. In the interior in the photo, the main place is occupied by the bed – high (under it you can arrange a large storage space) and beautifully tucked. White linens paired with light-colored throw pillows instantly refresh the room. The wall above the sleeping place looks very beautiful: but these are just pages from a magazine in a single palette and a sparkling garland. Minimum cost, but what an effect! The work area is represented by a desk with typical dorm shelves at the top – cute decor smoothed out their uncomfortable brown color.

2 Bright room with floral accents, garlands, toys

Enough attention was also paid to the design of the bed in this interior: snow-white bed linen, a beige knitted blanket, matching pillows, appropriate soft toys. Garlands were also included, but they are complemented by a plant stretch around the entire perimeter of the room – a great way to green up the space by uniting it. There are unframed posters on the walls. The option, of course, is a budget one, but it looks especially stylish. There is a convenient recess for the desktop, and at the same time it acts as a dressing table – at the top, instead of shelves, there is a mirror of an unusual shape. The built-in mirror cabinet also turned out to be in a good place – the window is reflected in it, the light in the room is added.

3 Typical double room with different wall decor

It is these rooms that can most often be seen in American films. It looks cool and atmospheric, but what do residents have to work with? Dark brown furniture, bare walls, uncomfortable general light. Some beautiful textiles, good furniture arrangement, lots of eclectic decor, soft twinkling of “lights” – as usual, a cool effect at a low cost. A fabric panel, a gallery of photographs and a stylish carpet make the space “home”.

four White university apartment interior with orange details and sofa

The size of this room made it possible to put a larger bed and even place a sofa. It is he who plays the role of the main accent here – a deep orange tint pleasantly sets off the completely white finish. Textiles and a few accessories to match – and before us is no longer an apartment in a hostel, but a stylish bedroom. Floral motifs appeared here too: one garland, due to an invisible fastening, seems to be floating in the air, the other highlights the area with the sofa. And again, the technique with pages from magazines: the entire wall is trimmed with them.

5 Cozy interior in warm colors

Textiles (a huge carpet and an unusual bedspread) and warm lighting make this interior soft and attractive. Brown furniture with black metal inserts looks more modern, and completely white walls require decor: cork and magnetic boards, photo frames, already familiar LED and plant garlands. The mirror cabinet is built into a niche, making a small space feel light and airy.

6 Stylish apartments with black and white accents

Some universities provide students with entire apartments – something like studios. For example, it has its own bathroom with an ironic rug and stylish accessories. The room itself seems quite large: there is a bed with bedside tables on both sides, a workplace with a bedside table for stationery and an open decorative display case. Light walls and a dark floor set the mood for the whole setting: the hostess of the room played with the black and white combination in textiles and decor, and the marble surface of the table diluted it. To prevent such a palette from looking too graphic, romantic posters, a copper-colored floor lamp and pink elements were added. It turned out with a touch of glamour, but only in a good way.

7 Tiny but beautiful student room

The room in the photo is so small that it was not possible to take general angles in it. There is a bed along one wall. By the way, have you noticed a tendency to make it as high as possible? Almost all students do this: saves storage space. The wall next to her is decorated with a poster, a hat, a magazine cover and a panel with the inscription “dorm sweet dorm” (“dorm, sweet hostel”). Behind the headboard hangs a banner with green leaves that has met more than once – have you thought up a story like this in your bedroom yet? There is a table opposite the bed, and the absence of shelves and decor on the wall even seems pleasant due to the feeling of cleanliness. Additional lighting is provided by neon blue lighting around the perimeter of the room.

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