In most cases, the nursery in design projects occupies a separate room, and the content depends on the age and interests of the child. But one general trend can be distinguished – the rooms have a place for both study and relaxation, and often the interior reflects the character of the child. Let’s see in more detail.

one Boy’s room 8 years old

The authors of the project, Igor and Galina Berezkin, designed this apartment for a family with a son of primary school age. The boy’s room turned out in calm blue shades with the addition of wood, white and delicate yellow flowers. The bed attracts attention – it is a two-story structure made to order. On the second level there is a play area. The decorative propeller built into the bed was made specifically for the project by a craftsman who designs propellers for aircraft.

The working area is located by the window – there is a large table with a storage system: open and closed shelves. The storage system goes to the wall. There is a place for sports exercises – at the entrance there is a kind of Swedish wall with a ladder.

2 Sunny nursery for girls

Designer Olga Pogorelova, while working on the project of this apartment in Belgorod, equipped two isolated rooms and a kitchen-living room. A large bedroom has become a nursery for a girl of school age. The little mistress is passionate about dancing, goes to all-Russian competitions. The color palette was chosen accordingly – there is a lot of sunny yellow here: an accent wall at the head of the bed, furniture elements. There is also a mandatory workspace – a desk by the window.

3 Children’s room as a territory for creativity

This apartment, designed by designer Elena Anikina, has two children’s rooms: for a boy and a girl. And they are strikingly different in design.

So, the boy’s room is somewhat reminiscent of a designer (the child is fond of collecting Lego). For example, linings on cabinets can be changed at the discretion of a small owner: there is a field for playing checkers, darts, some facades are magnetic. And the shelf in the form of an airplane with a propeller became an additional accent and went very well with the wallpaper with a pattern of balloons.

four Delicate room for a girl

The second nursery in the apartment designed by Elena Anikina is for a girl, also of school age. But the interior here is the opposite – gentle and romantic. This atmosphere is supported by wallpaper with a floral print, curtains, and a bed a la throne allows the girl to feel like a princess. Of course, there is also a functional component – a desk, cabinets, a chest of drawers, they are made to order.

5 Children’s room with graffiti and two work tables

The owners purchased this apartment with a renovation from the developer, they experimented with the decoration on their own, and in order to create a complete image, they invited the decorator Elena Ilyukhina.

The nursery is distinguished by functionality and brightness, despite the fact that the main color of the walls here is black. But against this background, pieces of furniture look favorably. The son of the customers is fond of martial arts, so they made a graffiti with the image of Bruce Lee over the bed, for this they specially invited masters.

In addition, not one, but two desktops were placed in the room: for study and for working at a computer.

6 Children’s room with competent zoning

The most spacious bedroom in this apartment was taken as a nursery for the youngest daughter of the customers. And this is understandable: in a student’s room, not only a bed and a wardrobe are needed, but also a place for classes, and more often for creativity.

So, in this room the space was divided into recreation and work areas. The recreation area is represented by a folding sofa, which has become a sleeping place, and work – a large desk located by the window. For zoning, slatted partitions were used – they did not block the access of natural light and air, but helped divide the space. The basic color scheme is calm: gray, wood color. But bright spots of yellow will not let you get bored.

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