The hallway is just as important as the kitchen, bedroom or living room. It creates the first impression of the apartment. Let’s see what design designers choose in their interiors?

one Light walls, dark furniture and exquisite details

The apartment of designer Evgenia Filatova and her family has a spacious entrance area of ​​10 square meters. Here, as in other rooms, there are light walls and contrasting furniture against their background. According to Evgenia, she likes to use dark colors in furniture – it looks noble and monumental.

In the hallway there are two built-in wardrobes – one for outerwear, the second for shoes, a large floor mirror in a golden frame, a pouffe, a spectacular minimalist table with a sculpture. The floor is covered with glossy porcelain tiles.

Design: Evgenia Filatova. Photo: Mikhail Chekalov

2 Minimalism and color

In the apartment of designer Anna Vazhenina and her family, the entrance hall is separated from the common area – the kitchen-living room – only by a light slatted partition and color. If the walls in the kitchen-living room are painted in gray tones, then complex blue is used here. The decor is minimalistic – a built-in wardrobe for outerwear, a shoe rack. With the help of decor, they added expressiveness: a poster on the wall, flowers in a large vase, which in itself could become an ornament, an interior perfume.

Design: Anna Vazhenina. Photo: Elizaveta Gurovskaya. Style: Lidia Smirnova

3 Beautiful finish and unusual storage

In an apartment for herself and her family, designer Natalya Mitrakova implemented many interesting ideas. In the hallway, as well as in the kitchen, there is a plot wallpaper with a floral pattern in a graphic style (the motifs of the American South with its swamps and savannahs are guessed). The lower part of the walls is separated by a molding, which gives the impression of a very high plinth – it looks unusual and impressive. A closed glass shelf was made above the built-in wardrobe, where the hostess folded part of the book collection. The console is vintage (there is also a lot of vintage furniture in the interior). The poster was brought from a trip, the Louisiana Museum. In a word, you want to consider the details again and again.

Design: Natalia Mitrakova. Photo: Sergey Ananiev

four Floral wallpaper and bright furniture

In the apartment of designer Ulyana Sinitsyna and her family, the entrance hall turned out to be bright and memorable. The walls are covered with Scandinavian wallpaper with floral prints. The floor is tiled with a geometric pattern. Ulyana repainted a typical IKEA shoe cabinet in a bright coral color. Opposite it is a shelf-shop for shoes of the same shade. From the hallway there are two doors to the dressing rooms, which made it possible to abandon wardrobes and limit ourselves to just hooks for everyday outerwear.

Design: Ulyana Sinitsyna. Photo: Tatyana Nikitina. Style: Natalia Oreshkova

5 Color block and unusual decor

The studio apartment of designer Alexander Mershiev is like a jewelry box. There are many unusual solutions here: vintage, repainted furniture, color combinations, original decor.

So, Alexander highlighted the hallway area in gray-blue color, which is combined with pastel yellow – the main shade of the walls in the studio. The floor is tiled with a geometric pattern. The shoe rack is bright, which adds an accent. Framed posters are scraps of fabric left over from reupholstering furniture.

Design: Alexander Mershiev. Photo: Olga Shangina

There is also a closet in the hallway, which was also repainted, and the upper part was covered with macrame up to the ceiling.

Design: Alexander Mershiev. Photo: Olga Shangina

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