Unlike a city apartment, suburban housing gives more freedom even at the construction stage. You can plan a spacious bright hall or limit yourself to a tiny entrance area – there is no universal recipe. In this article, we share ideas on how to design a hallway in a private house, with photos of beautiful examples.

Tips for arranging the entrance area in the house:

Design Features
– Appropriate style
– Classic
– Modern
— Country
– Scandinavian
Design Ideas
– Large entrance hall
– small hallway

Design Features

From the entrance area in the apartment, the suburban hallway is distinguished not only by its size, which, by the way, will not necessarily be large.

Design: Anna Kalyagina. Photo: Anton Likhtarovich. Stylist: Anna Babenko

What is important to consider when applying:

To choose the right area and shape of the room, understand what functionality it should perform. Enough hangers for outerwear and a door mat? Need a wide bench? Wardrobe or chest of drawers? Will children’s bikes be stored here? Based on this, it will become clear what the design of the corridor in your house should be.

Suitable style

Whether the entrance hall in a private house will be modern, classic or something else depends on the overall style of the interior and architecture of the building. Let’s analyze the most popular directions and how to implement them in the input group.


For a luxurious interior for decades, classics are most often chosen.

Instagram @baharev.ru

This style is out of fashion, it involves durable materials and elegant environments that unite generations. The direction has gradations: from the traditional interior, which is created strictly according to the canons, to light “modernized” classics.

Character traits:

The classic assumes that the house has enough space to store all things (cloakrooms, pantries, a garage, a cellar are allotted for them), and the hall sets the tone and creates the right first impression.

There should be large mirrors, marbled tiles, massive lamps, pictures in curly frames, banquettes and chairs in high-quality textured upholstery.

Modern hallway design in the house

Completely different tasks are solved by a modern entrance hall in the house.

Instagram @archi_pro_interior

Contemporary, loft, eco, minimalism – all these areas are opposed to the classics, they suggest freedom with an emphasis on practicality. In a modern style, you can decorate both a chic mansion and a small house.

Main markers:

The entrance group can be completely different: from strict minimalism to fashionable contemporary. Design examples are in the photo below.


Any variations of country music, whether it be Provence, farm or Russian style, are ideal for country life.

Instagram @mylittleredhouse

This is the very essence of stylistics – closeness to nature and the desire for naturalness with all its imperfections.

Country interiors are characterized by:


Although formally Scandi belongs to modern trends, it should be discussed separately. This style is suitable for small houses, whether it is a cottage for seasonal living or a townhouse in a cottage village.

Instagram @domnamazowszu

Main features:

Design ideas for different areas


A large entrance hall in a private house gives freedom of choice: what colors, materials, storage systems and functional areas to use.

Instagram @designer_ganna_bovykina

In a spacious room, it is important to fill the space correctly, so choose more massive furniture, large patterns, deep shades. Put a full-length mirror, organize a seating area. Of course, it’s not worth filling all surfaces with black, but it’s quite possible to play with contrasts.

Design hacks for a large hall:

Small entrance hall in a private house

When decorating the interior of a small hallway in a house, the eternal problem comes to the fore – how to place everything you need on a few square meters.


Tips for a small entrance area:

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