In the palette of any room, the second place after finishing is occupied by large furniture. It is made both as a bright accent and as part of the general background, especially in a calm monochrome range. A gray sofa in the interior can play both roles – and all thanks to the variety of shades that look different depending on the companion colors. In this article we will tell you which model to choose, as well as how to combine such upholstered furniture with other interior elements.

Choosing a gray sofa

Shade selection
What to combine
– Finishing
– Other furniture
— Textile
Ideas for different rooms
– Living room
— Children’s
– Cabinet


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It is difficult to imagine another color that would have the same number of shades (and gray has about two hundred of them!), Which at the same time are so diverse: light and dark, warm and cold, active and neutral. Such a large selection is due to the very origin of achromat. It is formed from a combination of blue, green and red, which in different proportions give many interesting undertones. On the one hand, this simplifies the choice, because it will definitely work out to find the right color. On the other hand, the more options, the more difficult it is to understand which one you want.

Here are the shades you should definitely pay attention to:

When choosing a specific shade, consider other colors in the palette – they should not conflict in color temperature. Textures and the amount of natural light in the room are also important.


By design, any sofas are divided into stationary and transformable.

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The first option is less functional, but there is much more design choice: there are different shapes, models with legs, round or curved, etc. There is also a larger choice of sizes – you can choose a compact product for a small living room or nursery, where a full-fledged sofa bed will not fit.

Models that have a transformation mechanism are divided into three groups:

The choice between a stationary product and a transformer, first of all, depends on the functionality of the room where the sofa will stand, its shape and size. For small spaces, a folding one is almost always the best option, since there is simply no room for a separate guest room. Also, the “cot” is useful in the studio or in the children’s room, where two children live, or the child often has friends for the night.

What to combine

The main advantage of gray is its versatility. It looks equally good with bright and calm shades, adapts to companions and emphasizes the depth of these colors. Consider how to properly combine a light and dark gray sofa with other interior elements.


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One of the most difficult questions is how to choose a product to match the color of the floor and walls. To do this successfully, remember a few rules:

Other furniture

There are three options for combining large upholstered furniture with other products: in tone, in a general neutral range or in contrast.

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If you have monochrome interior, all objects in the room are in any case selected in the same color. For example, it can be a light gray sofa and darker coffee tables in the living room, a work table in the nursery or a set in the kitchen (for example, if it is combined with a seating area). In this case, it is important to choose products so that they differ in texture and stand out with an interesting shape, otherwise the picture will turn out to be too boring and flat. So, for example, fabrics with a pronounced texture (for example, jacquard or eco-leather) or with a pattern are suitable for a soft group.

For neutral scale use base shades that blend well with each other. So, the classic version is gray paired with beige or brown, which are most often realized through the natural texture of wood. It can be a graphite or silver sofa surrounded by wooden tables, shelving, cabinets, chairs.

Finally, the most popular option is the overall calm palette and some bright accentsthat add dynamics to it. For example, grayish upholstery of large furniture and smaller objects in rich colors look very good next to each other: yellow and orange, blue, green, red, purple.


The sofa group is always accompanied by textiles: carpets, decorative pillows and blankets add comfort and texture to the relaxation area.

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The same principle works here: when choosing, rely on the main palette and the concept of the interior. The more restrained the color scheme, the more different fabrics and textures can be used. Textiles are also a safe field for experiments with prints, bright decorative elements and active color accents. At any time, you can replace pillows or a blanket – and the mood in the room will immediately change. The main thing is to select fabrics so that they echo something else: in color, texture or style.

Ideas for different rooms

Gray sofa in the interior of the living room

Regardless of whether the living room is isolated or combined with the kitchen, the soft group takes center stage in the relaxation area.

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A sofa of a smoky, slate or graphite shade will fit into any style: from a brutal loft to an elegant classic. If the room is spacious and the whole family or guests often gather in it, pay attention to corner models or modular designs. The latter are assembled according to the constructor principle: you choose as many blocks as you need and their purpose. In addition to ordinary seats, these can be sleeping places, storage systems, tables and shelves.

Elegant models with curved backs, curved legs and a carriage tie on the back will look beautiful in a traditional interior. For scandi, eco, contemporary and minimalism, choose concise but comfortable products. Be sure to complement the soft group with a cozy rug, a pair of coffee tables and armchairs. The latter can be accented – any color that is already found in the palette will do.


In a nursery, upholstered furniture can play two roles: a bed and a separate seating area.

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If the room is designed for a baby, the best option would be a soft and comfortable model, on which it will be convenient for parents to rock a newborn, watch him or feed him. If mom or dad sometimes has to sleep here, choose a transformer that turns into a bed.

For older children, such a piece of furniture will become a place for reading, chatting with friends and quiet games. Designate a recreation area with additional elements: a bright carpet, local lighting, story wallpaper on the wall, shelves or other storage systems.


It’s great if in the home office there is an opportunity to equip several functional areas.

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The most convenient option is a workplace, storage and recreation area. For the latter, a small comfortable sofa is suitable. If you plan to spend time on it with documents or a book, provide good lighting: for example, a floor lamp, wall sconces, or a lamp next to the nightstand.

Since the interior of the office should be inviting and look understated if meetings are held there, a gray-based palette is perfect for these tasks. With a gray or slate sofa, wooden bookcases and a table, a leather armchair and a laconic finish made of quality materials will go well.

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