one Shelf behind the bed

The simplest storage option that can be arranged at the head is a long shelf. It can be part of the bed frame or run flush with it so that it feels like a one-piece structure. This shelf can be used as an alternative to bedside tables. It will help out if there is no extra space on the sides of the bed or it is occupied by other furniture. On the shelf you can place posters and large-format photographs, set an alarm clock, small lamps, a phone with a charger and other necessary things. It is advisable to run sockets there so that you can charge gadgets and turn on the lights without stretching wires across the room.

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2 Hidden boxes

The less attention the storage system at the head of the bed attracts, the better. The ideal option is when it can be completely disguised as a wall. This requires minimalistic facades without fittings with inconspicuous seams between the doors. They can be matched to the paint on the walls or, conversely, made in a different color – you get the effect of a color block. If you need more storage space, extend the sections up to the ceiling. Or they can be quite small – the size and capacity depend on the number of things and the availability of other storage systems. To make the design visually lighter, you can use glass or mirror inserts.

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3 Cabinet system

One of the storage options at the head is U-shaped cabinets, on the sides and under the ceiling. This design frames the bed, and the headboard falls into the resulting niche. There you can make local lighting: for example, pendant lights built into the lower facades of cabinets. So you save space on the bedside tables and get an additional lighting scenario for the bed. To make the furniture look lighter, choose the most simple facades of light shades. Such a storage system, with proper organization, may well become a replacement for a standard wardrobe.

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four Combination of open and closed shelves

A completely closed storage system is not always convenient. If you do not have open shelves or niches, then you will simply have nowhere to store those small items that should always be at hand in the bedroom. For example, it is less convenient to get a book, a smartphone or a charger for it from a closed box. If you do not plan to put bedside tables, then be sure to consider the presence of open shelves in the storage system at the head. They will play the role of a convenient surface on which the necessary items will lie.

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5 Shoe racks instead of wardrobes

An unexpected move for storage design is to use shoe racks as drawers. They are quite compact and easy to open. The compartment swings open at about 45° at the top, so you don’t have to leave a lot of space for opening cabinet doors or drawers. At the same time, you can easily get the things you need, especially if they are stacked. In this way, you can organize the storage of bed linen, pajamas, home clothes or bath textiles.


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