one From an untidy bathroom to a beautiful space

The area of ​​this bathroom is only 3.6 square meters. All renovations were done by the owners. As the author of the blog writes, we started with visualization: we ourselves assembled a collage of what we would like to see. They decided not to change the tile, but simply repaint it in white. The desired shade was obtained in 3-4 approaches. The legs and back of the furniture were made of chipboard panels. The countertop was also sawn out by ourselves: they took the purchased material to the sawmill and made a hole for the sink and faucet, and also adjusted the product to the parameters of the bathroom. The rest of the material was used for the shelf. An interesting solution was invented for the drawer: instead of the traditional option for the bathroom, they looked for a suitable one from the kitchen set. ⁣⁣⠀

2 From a nondescript bathroom to a bright bathroom

In this project, on a small bathroom area (only 2.9 sq. m), it was possible to place not only a full-fledged bath, but also fit two storage systems. The interior could be called traditional if it weren’t for bright details: a yellow wall and bright patterned tiles on the floor. A combination of tiles and paint was used in the decoration of the bathroom walls. Contrasting shades of white and yellow look very bright and fresh. The bath was placed along the end wall, opposite the entrance. Nearby is a sink with a cabinet, above it hangs a mirror with a shelf. To the right of the entrance is a compact narrow rack – another place for storage.

3 From unfinished renovation to scandi bathroom

This bathroom covers an area of ​​4.2 square meters. Before the alteration, there was no interior as such – only partial decoration and some plumbing. During the renovation, the walls were tiled with white boar tiles, and a contrasting dark grout was chosen for it – it turned out to be a geometric pattern. The floor was covered with a patchwork pattern. White furniture and cream paint for the walls keep the overall feeling of light and airy, while the rusty hue of wood trimming part of the bath adds warmth.

four From an outdated interior to a spectacular bathroom

This bathroom before the renovation, although it performed its functions, looked boring and unattractive. After the transformation, a rather bold design turned out, which nevertheless looks very stylish. The design was built around bright exotic wallpapers with fantasy prints. They are set off by a coral ceiling, a monochrome vinyl floor, and deep blue tiles along the bottom of the wall. It turned out unusual: spectacular, a little ironic, beautiful.

5 From irrelevant design to bright space

A small elongated bathroom after the alteration visually became at least two more. All this is due to the color: white and blue shades visually increase the real footage of the room. Initially, the interior was done in rich brown tones. Although they are considered warm and cozy, in small rooms they often have the opposite effect – they make the space too stuffy and cramped. So it happened here, so a radical change of color was a key decision. The furniture and plumbing were not changed – they only repainted the old cabinet in a beautiful blue color, immediately “rejuvenating” it.

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