Cozy room in the attic, under the roof. Windows look straight to the sky. Sounds romantic, doesn’t it? But the attic is not only an interesting, but also a useful solution. It allows you to expand the living space or use additional space for household needs. In this article we will tell you how to plan the interior design of the attic in a private house and show it all in the photo.

All about the design and arrangement of the attic

Preparatory work
— Warming
– Lighting
– Ventilation
— Noise isolation
— Layout
What to organize in the attic
— Children’s
– Bedroom
– Cabinet
– Bathroom
– Kitchen
– Living room
— dressing room
Interior styles
Decoration Materials

Preparatory stage

Before proceeding with cosmetic repairs, it is necessary to carry out preparatory rough work. Otherwise, the room may turn out to be beautiful, but unsuitable for life. What are these works?


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Be sure to insulate the roof, if this has not been done before. This is a “weak spot”, the highest heat losses occur through the roof. Special materials are suitable for insulation: slabs of basalt or stone wool, mineral wool. Insulation is also required for ceilings, and sometimes for vertical walls.

Natural and artificial lighting

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There is often not enough daylight on the attic floor. If you know that you will use the premises as residential, this issue is best resolved at the design stage. Windows can be planned not only in the side walls, but also on the roof slope.

Also, at the design and construction stage, lay a sufficient number of leads for artificial light sources: not only under the ceiling chandelier, but also wall sconces, spotlights, sockets for table lamps, floor lamps.

Ventilation and air conditioning

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To ensure sufficient air circulation, in addition to natural ventilation, supply air can be arranged. For example, through a supply and exhaust valve in a window or wall.

They also make ventilation with the help of holes – dormer windows in the gables. But this method is suitable if there is at least a small cold attic above the attic.

The rooms under the roof in the hot season heat up more than others in the house. Therefore, it is also worth considering the installation of air conditioners.

Noise isolation

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If the room is under a metal-covered roof, it makes sense to make additional soundproofing of the roof. For example, in case of heavy rains. In addition, the floor is also soundproofed.



Because attic ceiling heights tend to be low, don’t divide the space into many small rooms. It will be uncomfortable to stay in such cramped rooms for a long time. It is better to organize more spacious ones. And, perhaps, leave the space open and use zoning techniques with furniture and finishing materials.

If you still decide to build interior partitions, look at lighter materials: wood, drywall. This will avoid a large load on the floors.

What to organize in the attic


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Perhaps everyone dreamed of their own room in the attic, under the roof, in their childhood. Of course, it is not worth moving a very small child to the upper floor. But the sloping roof, the unusual shape of the room, its isolation and privacy, the windows in the ceiling will please the teenager. Under the children’s territory, you can give the entire area of ​​u200bu200bthe attic, especially if there are several teenagers in the family.

As for the arrangement of furniture, the main thing is to observe zoning. Next to the largest window is a suitable place for a desk. It is better to make the playing area closer to the center of the room, where the highest ceilings and no dangerous corners are. The bed can be placed against the end wall.


This attic option is more popular. Remoteness from the kitchen, noisy living room, utility and utility rooms guarantees a relaxing holiday.

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The sloping ceiling adds to the cosiness. And if you put the bed under the skylights, you can admire the sky in the evening and in the morning. Sounds good, right?

Office or workshop

If one of the family members often works at home, the attic will be an excellent choice for organizing a workspace – even if children have fun on the ground floor, this will not hurt you.

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Under the roof, you can equip an office with a desk near the window. Or you can – a small workshop, for example, for a seamstress or an artist. To create a working, but at the same time chamber, calm atmosphere, muted shades of green, blue, brown, gray, beige are suitable. The main thing is to correctly design the lighting.


The bathtub is right below the window, and the window is so high above the ground that you can do without curtains. It’s possible in the attic.

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The only thing is that you will have to attend to the lengthening of engineering systems and additional waterproofing. And, of course, it should not be the only and not the main bathroom in the house – so that each time you do not have to climb the stairs to the top floor.


Not the most obvious solution, but sometimes necessary. For example, if we are not talking about a house, but about an apartment on the attic floor.

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In this case, the kitchen set should be designed individually so that it fits comfortably and functionally under the sloping ceiling. You may have to abandon the upper cabinets.

Living room

Under the roof itself, you can organize a cozy atmospheric room for relaxing and receiving guests.

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The design of the living room in the attic must be carefully thought out. It is better not to clutter it with high and voluminous furniture, but to give preference to more compact and light-looking options.

Dressing room or pantry

The attic can be used as a storage space.

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For example, organize a pantry with shelving and shelves. Put away things that are not used every day and even small sports equipment. Or arrange a spacious dressing room and put clothes and shoes out of season there, store suitcases, travel bags, hats.

Interior styles for home design with an attic (photo)

Country style

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Usually, a room under the roof is decorated in the same style as the rest of the rooms in the house. But especially this space suits various types of rustic style: cozy country, light and summer Provence, rough and at the same time elegant rustic. But what if you turn the attic into a kind of French chalet? And let the window – not a mountain landscape. The abundance of wood in the decoration, natural, natural colors and a lot of textiles – this is what will make the attic look like a country house.


You can turn to the complete opposite of the rustic theme – the loft style. Moreover, in translation into Russian, loft is an attic.

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The characteristic features of this style are: raw stone, brick or concrete, rough wood in the finish, open communications, a single space without partitions, industrial interior details, furniture made of wood and metal.


If the whole house is decorated in the style of minimalism, you should choose it for the attic.

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Restraint in the choice of colors and shapes, a minimum of decor and textiles, a lot of air and free space are the principles that should be followed in this case.


A light, light scandi would be a good choice.

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It will visually expand the space, add air. Shades of white, furniture of simple shapes, functionality and practicality of all interior items and at the same time an abundance of decorative details are characteristic of this style.

Decoration Materials

Most often, natural wood, materials made on its basis, or wood imitation are chosen for decoration.

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The ceiling can be sheathed with clapboard, planken or plywood sheets. If there are beams, try not to hide them, but fit them into the project. Let the attic ceiling design become an interesting feature. The use of stretch fabrics due to the unusual shape is complicated, but quite possible.


An engineered board, laminate, quartz vinyl are suitable for the floor. It’s practical and beautiful. Of course, tiles can also be considered in wet areas. But quartz vinyl has long been laid in bathrooms, bathrooms and kitchens.


Popular solutions for walls are the same lining, imitation of timber, block house.

If you want to move away from wooden surfaces, wallpaper is used for decoration in a rustic or modern style. Or you can just cover the walls with paint. True, this will require additional surface preparation – leveling and strengthening. If the walls are wooden, you will first have to sheathe them with drywall.


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The lower the ceiling height and the area of ​​​​the room itself, the more it is worth using light and pastel shades. Staying in a cramped, dark space for a long time can be psychologically and emotionally uncomfortable. And light colors visually expand the room and stretch it up.

If you are afraid that due to the abundance of light colors the room will seem flat and boring, use several different related shades – this will add volume and depth to the room.

You can also play in contrast. For example, with three light walls, sheathe the fourth with dark wood or paint it dark.

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