one Yellow tiles + oriental motifs

In the project of the designer and decorator Elmina Gay for a young family, the bathroom is decorated in bright colors. The background tile is wheat yellow. It contrasts with the cabinet under the sink of a complex green hue. And on the accent wall there is a tile in which these colors are collected and new ones are added. We managed to create a harmonious bright mix that will wake you up in the morning and is unlikely to get bored quickly (however, in the bathroom, color rarely bothers us at all, we don’t spend much time in this room).

How to repeat?

The manufacturer Italon was chosen as the base tile. But the decor is from Sant Agostino.

2 Sophisticated white + emerald

In an apartment designed by designer Vera Sheverdenok, in one of the bathrooms, base tiles of a complex light color are laid on the wall – it seems to be white, but at the same time, gray shades are guessed. The accent wall is located outside the box – opposite the shower room, next to the toilet. And this same tile, just a deep emerald hue.

Pay attention to the layout – this is an idea how to diversify the space when choosing a rectangular tile. Tiles are laid in a checkerboard pattern, three pieces in different directions and alternate with each other.

How to repeat?

In this project, tiles from the manufacturer Equipe were chosen.

3 Blue color + geometry

In the apartment designed by designer Ekaterina Lebedeva for mother and daughter, the bathroom is decorated in pleasant blue tones. This shade looks both boring and basic at the same time. An accent wall made of tiles with a geometric pattern adds interest to the bathroom space. Here – the same color (more white is added), but due to the pattern, an accent is obtained.

How to repeat?

The interior is tiled by Vives.

four Aged tile + tropical pattern

In the project of designer Yulia Telnova – an apartment for a fan of David Lynch – a non-standard bathroom. Here, the background tiles on the walls are combined with decorative ones with a tropical pattern of birds and plants, but not deliberately, but exquisitely. Most likely, this impression is created by the effect of aged tiles. The accent is also added by the color of the painted walls – quite bright blue.

How to repeat?

The designer used Equipe tiles for the project.

5 White, black tiles + geometric pattern

An excellent example of combining basic colors and creating a contrasting interior is shown in the project of designer and decorator Gulnara Koltunova. The walls are white and gray tiles. The floor is black. And the accent wall, which, by the way, is located non-standardly (in the sink area) is tiled with a geometric pattern, where all three colors are combined. Effective and memorable, although bright colors were not used!

How to repeat?

The author of the project used Kerama Marazzi tiles.

6 Light tiles + Mediterranean motifs

The apartment designed by Anastasia Struve for a female doctor and her daughter has two bathrooms. In the master bathroom, the designer used light paint, basic light tile, and accented it with bright patterned porcelain stoneware. According to the author of the project, this palette is reminiscent of the sky, the sun and the sea — the hostess wanted to create an atmosphere of warm Italy. The tiles are laid out not only on the accent wall in the bath area, but also on the floor.

How to repeat?

The background light tile was chosen from the Equipe collection, and the bright one was from the manufacturer Sant Agostino.

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