one Armchair “Strandmon”, 15 999 rubles

This chair model was first presented at IKEA more than half a century ago. And the yellow version has become almost an “icon” of Instagram. Now in the novelty section, there is a model with houndstooth print upholstery, which is both trendy and versatile. It will fit into both classic and modern style, it will become an accent in a brutal loft.

2 Wall module “Drenyons”, 299 rubles

A white wall mini-shelf made of steel is designed to store small things. You can hang it in the bathroom and put clocks and other decorations in it before getting under the shower. Or in the bedroom near the bed to put the glasses. Or above the workplace. It will come in handy in the hallway for keys and the same glasses. In general, a budget, versatile and convenient novelty.

3 Stand for magazines “Trummis”, 999 rubles

This thing is made of rattan, and, as IKEA says on their website, real handmade!

Wicker accessories have been in fashion for many seasons, and they also give the mood of summer – regardless of the season. If you want to update the look of shelves or workplace, take a closer look at this stand.

four Container “Drenyons”, 999 rubles

Boxes and containers help organize everything in your home, from hobbies to children’s toys. It is enough to put it in a box – and there is no longer chaos from trifles. The new containers are made of metal with a wicker effect. We love their color and design. But, of course, the fact that they are mesh can be both a plus and a minus: on the one hand, you can immediately see what is lying; on the other hand, a possible disorder is also visible.

By the way, these containers are ideal for the size of the shelves in the Callax racks. Perhaps this is a reason to update the look of your storage system?

5 Limiter for books “Spile”, 299 rubles

The limiter is needed for open shelves without sidewalls so that the books do not fall. Or if the stack does not take up the entire shelf. And if it is also so stylish, then you can do without any decor.

6 Ring lamp with phone holder “Lonespelare”, 2 999 rubles

This thing will definitely come in handy for a blogger! And in general, everyone who likes to take photos at home. The ring lamp creates a good light, and the phone holder will help keep your hands free. Moreover, they can be combined or used separately.

7 Poster “Bild”, 599 rubles

In Scandinavian interiors, you can often see posters with similar plots. The multi-colored bugs on this poster are a fun way to spruce up an empty wall and add variety to your interior.

eight Wardrobe “Idosen”, 19 999 rubles

A metal cabinet of a beautiful green hue will not only be a functional addition to the interior, but also decorate it. On magnets, you can attach notes or photos to the door.

9 Table lamp “Tonvis”, 3 499 rubles

With a blown glass base and fabric shade, the lamp looks very stylish. And supports the trend of minimalism. Put it on a sofa table in the living room, a bedside table in the bedroom or on a chest of drawers – an additional lighting scenario will not hurt anywhere.

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