one Romantic balcony with bright purple accents

On this balcony, light finishes and wooden elements are diluted with purple accents. They are read in textiles and shades of plants. Pink details add a special romance, perfectly in harmony with the purple color.

2 Balcony with bright yellow wall

The backdrop for the many potted plants here is a bright yellow wall. Yellow is associated with the sun and adds dynamics to the interior. The individuality and character of the space is formed by ethnic details and decor.

3 Scandi balcony with large plants

The interior of this balcony is made in a relaxed scandi-boho style. It is distinguished by a neutral palette, textured textiles and bright large-scale plants in large flower pots. Together, these details create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort. The feeling of naturalness and environmental friendliness is enhanced by wicker furniture, a wall decorated with wooden slats, light textured curtains and decor that the hostess changes: for example, look how the space played with a new large mirror.

four Space with a variety of prints and patterns

Plants in the interior of this open balcony are rather a delicate accent to the surrounding interior. Several prints are concentrated in a small space: colorful tiles, a figured pattern of a metal lattice and a kind of ethnicity on a decorative pillow. Surprisingly, these various ornaments together look quite harmonious: the secret is that they are united by a light color palette.

5 Interior with contrasting furniture and bright decor

There are a lot of green plants on this balcony, including blooming ones, but we managed to add an accent with the help of other details: a bright picture on the wall, chairs painted red and a colorful table. It is logical that simple light walls act as a background to them. Thanks to this combination, the complex neighborhood of bright objects does not look redundant.

6 Balcony-garden with wicker furniture and a huge mirror on the wall

The main characters of the interior of this balcony are plants. There is a real riot of flowers: from large to small. The balcony itself is quite narrow. The height of the walls enhances the feeling of the well. But for this, a mirror was installed on one of them. It visually expands the space and increases the amount of light. We didn’t forget about the decor: we managed to form an interesting panel on the wall from hanging planters with decorative forging.

7 Balcony with small seating area and lush garden

This space is landscaped so much that there is a complete feeling that you are spending time in the garden, although outside the balcony there is an urban landscape. Large plants in pots are placed against the walls, they are complemented by small pots of flowers, and in the middle of all this splendor there is a relaxation area with soft pillows. She probably won’t be idle in vain. The views from the open balcony are amazing!

eight Bright balcony with an abundance of pink

This balcony sets the mood for summer thanks to a bright and rich palette. Pink furniture and textiles, fuchsia-colored decor and a large number of indoor plants look bright, but quite harmonious. The walls are interestingly decorated: up to the middle they are decorated with natural material resembling straw or an armful of twigs.

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