Listed the brightest ideas in the video

one Combine light colors and natural texture

One hundred percent hit in the reference Scandinavian style – a tandem of white and natural materials. This combination is ideal for a small space, as it visually enlarges the space, makes it lighter and creates a connection with nature. These are the two pillars of Scandi: an airy interior not overloaded with bright colors and naturalness. For some, pure white seems too uncomfortable, but in this case, wood and other natural materials just “soften” it.

2 Open windows as much as possible

Another effective and simple trick for a small space is to let as much light into the room as possible. To do this, first of all, you need to abandon heavy thick curtains. Use light tulle, light blackouts or Roman blinds instead. If you are comfortable, you can leave the openings without curtains at all. The flow of sunlight will make the interior cozier and warmer, so the more natural light in a small room, the better.

3 Use dishes as decor

In a compact kitchen, not all decorating ideas can be realized. In this case, items that combine several functions help well. For example, beautiful atmospheric dishes are perfect for decorating a cooking area. It can simply be put on the shelves or used in everyday life. The presence of such decor in the interior will already make it more interesting and bright.

four Include black as an accent

Black color in a small space is quite acceptable and will suit even those who do not like dark interiors. Start simple – add contrasting accents. For example, you can paint the battery, choose faucets and accessories in this shade, add decor. Black immediately sets the room a certain rhythm, makes the space graphic and stylish. It is important that there are not too many dark details.

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5 Fill in the voids with plants

The Scandinavian interior welcomes a simple and clear design. The less excess, the better. However, if there are empty spaces in the room that “press” on you, they should be filled with something. The best option is to put live plants in pots there. Even in a small room, they do not “eat up” the space. And in general, for the Scandinavian style with its craving for natural, fresh flowers are the perfect solution.

6 Keep history

If you are lucky enough to live in an old house where stucco or other interesting objects from the past have been preserved, try to save them. You can change the finish at any time, but the atmosphere and the true mood of a bygone era in the interior can only be created by an original thing. Do not be afraid that stucco or brickwork will look out of place in laconic scandi and overload a small room. If you make the old element the main focus, and the rest of the design as concise as possible, you get a wonderful interior at the junction of eras and styles.

7 Use warm shades

Scandinavian style loves cold colors: gray, white, blue. So that in the end the room does not seem too gloomy, especially if there is little light coming from the street, include warm colors in the interior that imitate the sun’s rays. It can be any shades of yellow, beige, light brown, ivory.

eight Mix with other styles

The Scandinavian style is quite distinctive, but at the same time it is quite suitable for neighborhood with other brighter destinations. Ethnic motifs and eco look best with him – they go well together thanks to a similar palette and love for natural materials. Scandi also looks interesting in tandem with loft elements. Such an interior is more difficult to design than to maintain one style in its purest form, but in the end, even a small space looks very atmospheric.

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