So that the mood and work activity are at their best, take care of the correct and beautiful arrangement of your workplace. Usually, many little things are overlooked, which ultimately affect the perception of space, and your mood, and, in general, the organization of papers and other important things. We’ve rounded up a few of those nuances below.

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one Provide more shelves

There are never too many shelves, and if you have a piece of unused wall above your desk, it makes sense to organize open storage there. Why shelves? They do not require a lot of space, while at the same time keeping the space relatively uncluttered (provided there is order on them). The same rack or cabinet with drawers require more space and look more impressive, not every room can fit such an additional item.

You can store anything on the shelves: papers in folders, textbooks and notebooks, small change and stationery in reserve. In the end, it’s nice to arrange motivational posters, photographs and other decor that usually stands on the table.

2 Hang the panel on the wall

The space on the desktop is often “eaten up” by small details stored there in abundance. Notes, business cards, a new photo, tickets to a concert, and a receipt from the last purchase you plan to return – all this creates terrible chaos. At the same time, most of these little things are necessary and useful, which cannot be lost or thrown away. Transfer them to the wall – you can hang a magnetic board, a cork panel or a pegboard there, where you will design a “gallery” of the necessary little things that have no place on the countertop.

If your work is connected, for example, with photography or publishing, you can’t do with an ordinary magnetic board above the table. The scale of the necessary “little things” in such cases grows many times, instead of business cards – cover options, instead of photos – a selection of ideas and visualizations for photo shoots. For such a large-scale storage, you need something more than a panel, for example, an entire cork wall, on which it is convenient to fix all the new information.

3 Use mini dressers

Mini chests of drawers are a convenient way to organize your workspace. To avoid losing anything, attach the name of the contents to the front of each drawer.

Such storage containers can be mounted side by side on the wall or placed directly on the table.

four And accessories in the same style

Since the desktop space is usually small, it is wrong to store an abundance of designer accessories of different shapes and colors there. As a result, instead of a dynamic mood, you get a parody of kitsch. Therefore, for the workplace, choose a discreet style and a uniform design of accessories.

5 Keep your countertop as clean as possible

On a cluttered table, it is difficult to gather thoughts together and get started. It is most convenient to create where there is nothing superfluous, so keep the desktop surface in an ascetic form. You will see, you immediately want to sit down and work.

6 Sort the little things into boxes

Remove everything superfluous from your eyes in drawers, boxes or baskets. This is important to keep the visual order in the workplace and not overload the interior with unnecessary small details.

Sign each box so that you do not have to look for the right thing for a long time each time.

7 Add mood and motivation

And yet, some details for the mood should be left. For example, it can be a houseplant or a bouquet of flowers, a bright aroma candle, for example, with the smell of citrus fruits (it helps to tune in to work and improves mood) or your favorite photo (one!).

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