one Interior in pastel colors with cozy textiles

The main character of this interior was textiles. A warm plaid in large knit, cute pillows with a themed print, a bedspread on the sofa with tassels – all this is conducive to a relaxing holiday. And the soft flowing light from the garlands makes the living room almost fabulous – just what you need for a cozy weekend.

2 Bright living room with soft light

The simple form of furniture and good lighting make the interior of this living room airy and fresh. It makes you want to start the day, drink coffee, read a magazine and work. A large soft sofa, cozy textiles and many indoor plants are ideal. Weekends in such a living room can be both productive and relaxed – depending on which mode is closer to you.

3 Contrasting tropical interior

There is something to see in this living room: contrasting shades of black and blue against white walls, bright accents, unusual furniture with ethnic elements. Near the sofa is not a classic armchair, but a dark hammock. Opposite – tropical plants in massive floor planters. Together, these details create the feeling that the living room is located somewhere on the ocean, and if you open the window, you can hear the sound of the waves.

four Elegant and spectacular living room with black furniture

The beautiful contrasting interior is built on a combination of black furniture with velvet upholstery and white painted walls. A textured faux fur ottoman and a palm tree in the corner of the room act as accent details. The room looks grand even without additional decorations and is great for family holidays or dinners with friends.

5 Laconic bright living room with a fluffy carpet

The serene, bright interior of this living room is conducive to quality rest. A cozy soft carpet with thick pile on the floor, slowly smoldering candles on the tables, the light from the window muffled by dense tulle – everything in this space sets you up for relaxation. A day of watching your favorite series or an interesting book without haste and important things fits perfectly into the mood of such a living room.

6 Intelligent living room with retro elements

Vintage furniture creates a unique feeling of comfort and nostalgia for the past, reminiscent of the winter holidays with the family. A variety of textiles with winter prints sets the right accents in the interior: in spring it can be replaced with another one. A colorful carpet, a rare library – you want to spend a frosty winter morning in such a living room with tea and an interesting book.

7 Minimalistic white interior

The spacious living room is decorated very laconic: functional furniture, discreet decor, lots of light and air. The main thing in this interior is the forms. Interesting geometry can be seen in the vaulted ceiling, intricate chandelier, round pouffes, and a mirror on the wall. Everything together looks very harmonious. As a result, without unnecessary details, the interior seems to be in a good way complex – one that you want to consider.

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