one Sunny living room with stucco ceiling

In this interior, several directions “made friends” at once. Furniture and accessories create a retro style atmosphere, boho motifs can be seen in bright active textiles and decorative elements: for example, in the frame of one of the posters. And, finally, neoclassicism is represented by colorful stucco on the ceiling. Such a mix of styles resulted in a bright and original interior in which you want to be, looking at every detail.

2 Boho interior with a lot of greenery

Boho style is simply created in order to prolong the summer mood. This living room looks very cozy and relaxed thanks to beautiful bright textiles, indoor plants and an overall relaxing atmosphere. The abundance of greenery makes the room look like a jungle. Plant motifs are also emphasized here by decorative elements: for example, a print on sofa cushions. The discreet natural palette and plenty of natural light also work to create a cozy and comfortable space.

3 Bright living room with a hammock by the window

Another spectacular way to add some summer to the interior is to hang a hammock. This is a bold move that can only be implemented in those rooms where there is enough space. The spacious living room with a bay window presented in the photo just allows you to do this. The hammock was fixed next to the windows so that, while relaxing on it, one could admire the view from the window. The rest of the interior is decorated quite familiarly: a cozy sofa with a pile of decorative pillows, a small coffee table and a couple of armchairs form a seating area. There is not much furniture, so the feeling of an even more spacious, visually light space is created.

four Stylish living room with music corner

Warm palette, natural textures and colorful details are the three key elements on which the interior of this living room is built. It combines shades of green and beige, which help to create a bright and at the same time peaceful space with a summer mood. A dark emerald turntable with records, located in the corner, sets you up for pleasant evenings with atmospheric music. Bright flowers and indoor plants remind of warm sunny days and work to create comfort in the room.

5 Interior with vintage furniture

The main characters of this living room are, of course, two twin armchairs, which seem to have just been brought from a flea market. Bright velvet upholstery with an active rib texture looks catchy and stylish. This tandem is complemented by a soft chocolate brown sofa. The rest of the space is decorated quite ascetically so as not to divert attention from spectacular furniture and not create a feeling of clutter. Solid white walls are decorated with stylish posters and paintings. Retro style can also be traced in the lighting: floor lamps are similar to the models of the 60s. Indoor plants and books on open shelves make the space logically complete and whole.

6 Completely beige living room with cozy textiles

Beige color is the basis of the interior of this living room. In its different shades, the walls and floors were finished, furniture and even textiles were selected. The monochrome beige is diluted with white elements: a rack, carpets, a rounded chair. Green was used as an accent color: it was introduced into the palette through the decor and a small table, the lamp bases and a floor planter with a plant. It turned out easy and comfortable.

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