one Hang on hooks

Wall hooks will help out where there is not enough space for organizing storage. You can hang anything on them: keys, shoe accessories, small bags and other little things. In this way, it is also convenient to place organizers with jewelry or small wardrobe items: for example, gloves or scarves. If the hallway is small, choose hooks in a minimalist design so that they do not draw too much attention to themselves.

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2 Put on a tray

An ordinary tray will help to neatly organize storage in the hallway. It is better to choose a model with sides so that the contents stay in place when you move it from place to place. With the help of a tray, you can visually separate items into categories: perfume, cosmetics, keys, jewelry. For each group of small things, prepare your own stand. Trays of different shapes look beautiful in one composition. By the way, such storage will also simplify cleaning: you will not need to rearrange each item separately to wipe the dust.

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3 Put in a box

If you want to get rid of the visual noise that little things create in the interior, take a closer look at closed boxes. The most common box made of light plain cardboard is suitable for the role of an organizer for small things. These can be unattractive looking items or things that are difficult to sort into categories. It is important that the box has opaque walls and a lid – then all the contents will be hidden from view. One or more of these boxes can be placed on a shelf or on a table. They look concise and will not spoil the interior.

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four Use hanging organizer

An organizer that is mounted on the wall is a real lifesaver when there are a lot of small items and little space. If you do not want to spoil the walls with self-tapping screws or other fasteners, hang Velcro hooks that can be easily removed, but in this case, you can only store something light in the container. In the interior in the photo, instead of the traditional organizer, they used a hanging trash can, which is usually mounted on the cabinet door. This option is suitable for larger items such as scarves or bags.

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5 Organize everything in an open container

A simple open container will help to collect all the small items scattered in the hallway in one place. Depending on the general style of the room, a laconic plastic version, and something brighter, and a cozy wicker will do. You can turn the storage accessory into an independent accent in the interior or, on the contrary, fit it into the environment as discreetly as possible. And a set of organizers that are placed on top of each other will help create more spacious storage.

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6 Store in shopping bags

Stylish bags and shopping bags, which are usually taken with them to the store, can also be used as a mobile storage system for light items: scarves, gloves, hats, etc. Pay attention to the style: the print should fit into the interior. If you are unsure of a good combination, opt for a neutral shade and a solid color fabric. A few shoppers on the wall can replace a whole chest of drawers, but you shouldn’t be zealous with filling them either – it’s better to leave the bags half empty so that they look more aesthetically pleasing on the wall.

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