one Cover with foil headset

An old ugly headset can be updated in just one day with a self-adhesive film. When it’s time to move out, it will be easy to remove: all you need is hot air from a hair dryer. When choosing a film, give preference to light matte options, as they look the most expensive. Part of the headset can be pasted over with a coating with a pattern: for example, an unobtrusive floral.

What will you need to buy

Adhesive film is usually sold in rolls, so it will be easy to calculate how many pieces to take based on the area of ​​u200bu200bthe headset. But be sure to buy with a margin – for the first time you will need to fill your hand in order to glue without wrinkles and air bubbles, so part of the film will most likely have to be removed. You will also need a box cutter to cut holes for the handles and a wallpaper putty knife or plastic scraper to smooth out the film.

2 paint the walls

This is a good option for those who have plain painted walls in the kitchen, but don’t like their shade or just want to add color. The work itself takes only a couple of days, and several cans of paint are inexpensive. If you haven’t discussed the possibility of changes with the owners in advance, let them know about your intention and agree on this cosmetic update so that there are no unpleasant surprises later.

What will you need to buy

To update the finish, you will need paint, a wide roller, a paint tray, masking tape, and film to cover the floors, windows, and furniture around. Choose a matte paint – then you do not have to level the walls, with it the bumps are the least noticeable. To calculate the number of cans you need to buy, first measure the area of ​​the wall. Then check the label of the selected paint: it will say what its consumption per square meter is. Divide the first value by the second and you will find out how many liters of paint you need (take with a small margin). Do not forget that windows and a door, if any, must be subtracted from the area of ​​u200bu200bthe wall, and paint consumption will increase if you paint in two layers.

3 Replace curtains

Window decoration affects the perception of the entire room, so feel free to change worn or simply ugly curtains. At the end of the lease period, they can be moved to a new apartment, and the old ones can be hung back. To add color and coziness, try thick cotton curtains in rich, deep hues. The floral pattern, laconic geometry and abstraction also look interesting.

What will you need to buy

In addition to the curtains themselves, you may need other rings and cornice. Also think about the composition in two layers: transparent light tulle and thicker colored curtains.

four Replace decor

Hang your favorite posters, photos, or paintings above your dining table. You don’t need to drill into the wall to do this – self-adhesive hooks, which can be found in any hardware or art store, will suffice. You can also replace all the decor on open shelves. Arrange your books, candles and plants there, and simply put the decorations of the owners of the apartment in a box and put it away. Send all the magnets from the refrigerator there, as this is an outdated decor that only creates visual noise.

What will you need to buy

Look through the accounts of interior bloggers and get inspired by how they decorate their kitchens. Most likely, you already have something to arrange on the shelves or countertop. A small life hack that will help you save money: do not buy ready-made framed posters in interior stores. Download the high-resolution image you like and print it in a copy center, buying a frame separately – it will be many times cheaper.

5 Start a mini garden

Any space becomes cozier with living plants. It is appropriate to plant different herbs in the kitchen: mint, basil, rosemary, green onions, parsley. They are easy to grow and do not mind leaving when moving.

What will you need to buy

Find a well-lit area in your kitchen and place an herb container underneath. You can put an elongated container on the windowsill, and place hanging planters on the wall. It is convenient to attach the railing to the kitchen apron and hang small pots on hooks. In addition, you will need soil and seeds. Or you can buy a ready-made set with a home garden.

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