one No additional lighting

In small kitchens in typical apartments, two light sources are most often made: the main one in the form of a chandelier or spotlights and an additional headset for the work surface. But in the evening, at a family dinner, I want to create a cozy atmosphere with a slightly muffled warm light and at the same time it is good to see what is on the table. The ceiling lamp in this case will be too bright, and the illumination of the working area will be insufficient, because it is directed to the countertop.

How to do better

If you are just decorating the interior of the kitchen, plan in advance the opportunity to turn on the light sources not all at once, but in groups. Place pendant lights above the table, or place a pair of sconces on the wall in front of the table. If the repair is already over, just add a small floor lamp to the dining group.

2 Too small or low table

It seems that in order to save space in a small kitchen, you must first of all sacrifice a dining table. So in many apartments miniature round tables appear. But, as a rule, only two people can comfortably accommodate behind them – this means that they are not suitable for large families and those who often invite guests. The height of the table also greatly affects comfort. For example, if it is too low, you will have to bend over the plate all the time. It is uncomfortable and bad for the back.

How to do better

Choose a table in proportion to the number of people who will gather at it each evening. If the kitchen is too small, consider bringing the dining area into the living room, and consider folding models. Before buying, conduct a simple test on the height of the countertop: sit at the table and try to cross your legs. If you managed to do it without problems, this height is enough for you.

3 TV above the table

A TV above the table is one of the most popular solutions in Russian apartments. Once it was a real trend and showed the wealth of a family that can afford two or three TVs at once: in the living room, in the bedroom and in the kitchen. Now this trend is in the past, and it has been replaced by the desire to reduce the amount of information consumed and spend more time with home.

How to do better

Leave the TV for the living room, and design a cozy space in the kitchen where you want to enjoy food and communication with loved ones. If you don’t like to cook in silence, put in a smart speaker or a turntable that will also become an atmospheric decor.

four Empty wall behind dining group

There are always several zones in the kitchen. The dining group differs in mood from the space for cooking and washing dishes, so it needs to be visually separated from them. An empty wall does not help zoning and even, on the contrary, erases the boundaries.

How to do better

At the repair stage, you can make this wall accent: choose rich paint or wallpaper with a pattern. If the finish is already there, decorate the surface with a decorative composition of posters, a shelf with books, a picture or plants in hanging pots.

5 Lack of textiles

The kitchen is perceived as a space that is difficult to clean due to splashes of water, oil and odors. Therefore, many refuse textiles even in the dining area, although it is located at a distance from the stove and sink. As a result, the interior looks uncomfortable, and the dining group is not conducive to relaxation.

How to do better

Don’t be afraid to place a rug under the dining table or hang curtains over a nearby window. These may not be curtains to the floor, but, for example, Roman or roller blinds. Place upholstered chairs or decorate the table with a beautiful tablecloth. Just choose fabrics with a protective impregnation or those that can be washed in a machine.

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