one Micro bedroom with two storage systems

In this bedroom, despite the very small area (only 5.5 sq. m), we managed to design a functional and beautiful interior. On the walls there are accent wallpapers with a botanical pattern, the palette of which is supported by textiles. A bed with soft walls was made to order exactly to the size of the room, leaving room for a cabinet with drawers and a spacious wardrobe. Thanks to the laconic design of the facades, it looks almost imperceptible. There are also two lamps next to the bed: one on the bedside table, and the other, smaller, fixed on the wall. It turned out a convenient backlight for different areas.

2 Sunny room in yellow and blue colors

The cozy interior of this small bedroom is built on a contrasting combination of bright yellow and rich aquamarine. Thanks to the large amount of light in the room, such a contrast looks appropriate and balanced. The yellow color in the palette emphasizes natural light and creates the feeling that the bedroom is flooded with sun. The functionality is also thought out here: a double bed was placed by the window, on the sides of it there are two bedside tables. There is a large closet against the wall opposite. The ceiling is crowned with a voluminous multi-tiered lamp – a complex accent against the background of a monochromatic finish.

3 Bright bedroom in the spirit of minimalism

In this small one-room apartment, the bedroom was separated from the common living room with a glass partition. Thus, it was possible to single out two full-fledged zones without overloading a small apartment with blank walls. The palette is built on a combination of neutral natural shades that together create a harmonious and calm interior – just what you need for a break room. And the natural light from the window makes the small bedroom visually lighter and more spacious. In addition to the double bed, an armchair was placed here as an additional seating area and bedside tables. Hanging models look weightless and emphasize the overall airy design of the bedroom.

four Bright interior with seating area and built-in storage

Bright colors were used in the interior of this bedroom, diluting rich shades of green and red with neutral white. The main area is occupied by a double bed with a wrought-iron headboard. On the side of the window, several niches were designed, in which they arranged the storage of books and decor. In the corner opposite, they put a large floor planter with a palm tree. The window sill was turned into a seating area, with a soft mat and a couple of pillows placed on top of it. On the side of the wall, a built-in wardrobe with louvered doors was equipped. Don’t forget about the decor: on the wall above the head of the bed there is a massive panel in ethnic style, which emphasizes the overall style of the interior.

5 Bright room with inconspicuous wardrobes

The modest footage of this bedroom did not interfere with the spacious storage system. Hanging cabinets have taken a place at the head of the bed. Thanks to the white minimalistic facades in the color of the walls, the storage system does not look too massive. There is a backlight at the bottom of the cabinets: it serves not only as a decorative element, but also replaces the lamps on the bedside tables in the same style. This creates the feeling of a single system with two niches, which are used for decoration and storage of necessary small things.

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