one Small bright living room with beautiful decor

The interior of this room is the embodiment of northern comfort and tranquility. The light finishes of the walls and floor are echoed by the furniture here – they chose not contrasting objects, but merging with the background as much as possible. In this case, there is no effect of facelessness. Firstly, due to the large window that floods the room with light. Secondly, thanks to simple, but different forms of furniture: a solid sofa without legs, an elegant coffee table of an indefinite rounded shape, a cabinet-console with thin legs. Decor also plays an important role: the unusual lampshade of the chandelier embodies the overall airiness, while the floor lamp and vase support an unobtrusive play with forms. Tall candlesticks, a poster with a reproduction of Matisse, discreet textiles complement this small, relaxing living room.

2 Compact living room in dark colors in a country house

This country house in Norway is all decorated in dark but restrained colors. The living room is no exception. However, thanks to a thoughtful palette and appropriate accessories, the hostess of the interior managed to avoid gloom. The room seems to be enveloping, forcing you to sit down and relax – in fact, this is exactly what a living room should be like. This small area housed a soft group, and it occupies most of the territory. Two identical navy blue sofas and a small gray armchair with a solid wood table in the center. In addition to the arrangement, the recreation area is united by a carpet right in its center. There is no TV. And why, when you can talk to each other or look at the landscape outside the window?

3 Cozy seating area in the living-dining room

In the interior in the photo, the living room is combined with a dining area. However, this layout is logical and is often found in the Scandinavian countries. You can’t call the environment pure Scandi – the admixture of boho is too obvious, and together these styles form an interesting, original space. The living area itself occupies a very small area, and its arrangement is quite typical: a sofa, a couple of armchairs, a TV stand opposite. The finish is light, layered on a gray sofa that has become a Nordic classic, white furniture, elements of rattan and wood. Posters in cozy colors, unusually shaped vases and a rug with ethnic motifs complete the decor.

four Soothing interior of the living room without a TV

As in one of the previous interiors, TV was abandoned here. It turned out to be a soft cozy room exclusively for relaxation – the atmosphere is appropriate. From upholstered furniture here, in addition to the sofa, there is a chaise lounge chair, and a carpet with a rather long pile gives additional texture to a small room. The owners soon replaced the light wood coffee table with a combination of two black metal ones. It turned out a little brutal, but the frame of the rack at the opposite wall and the print of the decorative pillow are perfectly emphasized. Traditionally for northern countries, there is barely noticeable textile on the window – weightless tulle along the edges.

5 Unusual living area in a spacious kitchen-dining room

This Norwegian apartment is very beautiful: many high windows, moldings on the walls, solemn stucco. Not the most typical decoration for northern countries. As for the layout, the common area is made in the form of one room – there are no partitions between the kitchen, dining room and living room. The latter occupies a very small part of this space, but it is located near two windows, so that the seating area does not seem closed or cramped. Sofas and an unusually shaped armchair look out of the box against the background of a seemingly classic finish. The coffee tables were also treated in an interesting way: instead of organizing a place for small things or tea parties, the owners placed two marble coasters and vases on them as art objects in the center of the soft group. An unusual chandelier and floor lamp complete the atmosphere, while a soft carpet and a large plant make the interior more humane and cozy.

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