one Open shelves on the end wall

Spacious storage can be arranged by giving one of the walls under open shelves. It is easy to arrange books, flowers or other little things on them that could not be found in other parts of the apartment. Order will have to be maintained carefully so that the small space of the balcony does not seem cluttered.

To simplify cleaning, you can organize semi-open storage, that is, put all items in impenetrable baskets or boxes. So on the balcony there will always be visual cleanliness. By the way, shelves can be made not to the floor, leaving a little space to store bulky items, such as chairs, a small dryer or ironing board. For them, it is better to provide additional fasteners.

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2 Closed ceiling cabinet

Even on a small balcony, you can install a closed cabinet along one of the end walls. Yes, he will eat one or two square meters, but you will get a fairly roomy closed storage system. There you can organize anything: from clothes to a vacuum cleaner.

Design: Marina Karalkina. Photo: Evgeny Gnesin. Style: Olga Kharlamova

It is better to make a cabinet up to the ceiling so that useful centimeters do not disappear. If the width of the balcony does not fit standard, even small furniture sizes, you can make it to order. Consider all the nuances of architecture and try to create a form that maximizes the space against the wall. For example, if you have ledges or niches, store them as well. And if you make mirrored facades, the balcony will become visually larger.

3 Drawers in the sofa

This storage option is easy to arrange even on a small balcony, and the size of the sofa is not at all important here. It can be a custom-made mini-chair, complemented by one or two drawers at the bottom. In these boxes it will turn out to put excess bed linen or a blanket, holiday dishes or a guest blanket. You can arrange a reading corner, and store your library in drawers.

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four In the table

If you plan to put a table on the balcony, choose a model with an additional shelf under the tabletop. It will be possible to put a basket or a box on top of it. Thus, it will be possible to use a little more storage space. Yes, a lot will not fit there, but a few useful little things (for example, a set of dishes) can be organized. It is important to choose a drawer or basket that matches the overall style of the table so that they look harmonious together.

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5 In a chest of drawers

A closet may feel bulky or may not fit the windows, blocking out some of the light. If this is your case, take a closer look at the chest of drawers. The chest of drawers leaves part of the wall free, so the balcony looks more spacious, there is room for additional decor. It will take up space up to the windowsill. In such furniture there are fewer maneuvers for storage, but it looks visually lighter and will still help to unload cabinets in the apartment.

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6 Cabinets under the window

For storage, you can use the wall area under the window by filling out the boxes to the level of the windowsill. They will not overload a small room, at the same time, in terms of storage, the drawers are not inferior to a full-fledged high cabinet.

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If you choose facades to match the walls, you can mask the built-in furniture.

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