An area of ​​two dozen squares, of which at best two-thirds will be residential, seems to many to be too small for a comfortable stay. We are ready to prove that it is not! In this article, we show examples of the design of a 25 sq. m with and without a balcony, where it was possible to place everything you need.

How to equip a studio 25 squares

4 layout options
– In grey-violet tones
— From studio to single room
– Loft and mini bedroom
– Office on the balcony
Arrangement tips

Examples of projects with layouts

1. Interior in gray-violet tones

Let’s start with a studio project for a man – a studio of this size is ideal for living alone. However, even in this case, it is necessary to rationally use the space and accommodate everything you need, without sacrificing aesthetics. In this project, the designer had to work with a long “wagon” without a balcony. As a result, they made a small redevelopment: they removed the wall between the hallway and the room and moved the bathroom partition (approx. editions – any changes to wet areas require approval).

As a result, the entrance group smoothly flows into the residential part of the apartment, while maintaining the unity of design. In general, the interior turned out to be minimalistic, in a cold range – based on a combination of shades of gray and purple accents.

The only room includes a kitchenette with breakfast bar; living room with a sofa, which is also a sleeping place; workplace.

For zoning, compact rack partitions, as well as racks-columns, were used. The entire layout is aimed at not blocking the light from the only window in the far part of the apartment. For storage, a large wardrobe is installed in the hallway, as well as open and closed shelving. Under the TV is a compact table that can be used as a workplace.

The bathroom turned out to be small in size, so the sit-down bath was abandoned in favor of a comfortable shower cabin. Unlike the rest of the apartment, the bathroom is made in warm colors. There is a lot of light and white elements that visually enlarge the space. To the left of the door is a washing machine, and above it is a spacious storage cabinet.

2. From the studio to a full-fledged odnushka

And here is an example of zoning, which made it possible to make a full-fledged odnushka from a square studio apartment with an area of ​​26 squares. Walls were added to the original layout from the developer, which separated a small bedroom from the common area. Part of the area of ​​the corridor was taken under the dressing room. As a result, at the entrance to the apartment, we are greeted by a bright entrance hall, made in modern minimalism. A bright accent is a deep terracotta pouffe.

Thanks to the redevelopment, the apartment has a cozy kitchen-living room of 8.9 sq m. The palette is based on calm nude shades that complement rich accents: a dark blue sofa, red pillows, black furniture and appliances.

The corner kitchen with smooth, handleless fronts sinks into the wall and does not attract attention, bringing to the fore a seating area with a TV and a dining group. The decor is minimal: a couple of plants and a large stylized clock on the wall.

The bedroom turned out to be compact, but it fit everything you need for a comfortable stay. And most importantly, the sleeping area is completely isolated from the public. In the room, the designer placed a bed, built-in wardrobe, TV and bedside table.

To make the room seem more spacious and create the effect of a cozy cocoon, the floor and ceiling were painted in the same color, thereby erasing the boundaries between the planes.

The bathroom turned out to be concise and minimalistic. A neutral color scheme was chosen for the decoration, and thanks to the efficient organization of the space, there was enough space for everything: a shower room was installed along one wall, a toilet and a sink with spacious closed storage systems were placed next to it.

3. Loft mood and mini bedroom

This is an apartment option for a young person. The authors of the project got a single space that needed to be conveniently zoned. As a result, with the help of partitions and the arrangement of furniture in the apartment, the kitchen was singled out; living room with dining group; sleeping area; bathroom; rich.

Of the total 25 squares of living space – only 15. In this small space, a linear kitchen set was located (nothing more – the owner does not plan to cook a lot), on the contrary – a secluded sleeping place, separated from the rest of the room by a solid partition. Closer to the window is a sofa, TV and a dining table. The latter, if necessary, can be used as a workplace.

The design of this studio apartment is 25 sq. m is made in a modern style, the designers have chosen a warm color scheme. The original element is the decoration of two walls with decorative bricks, which adds to the atmosphere of a modern loft.

The entrance hall for such a footage turned out to be quite spacious – almost 5 square meters. m. Here they placed a wardrobe for storing clothes, an ottoman for convenient dressing and a convenient hanger. This zone is made in a cold range of shades of gray and white with an emerald accent.

The bathroom with an area of ​​4.4 meters has a bath, a toilet, a sink with a spacious hanging cabinet and a large mirror, as well as a washing machine. Above it hung a cabinet for storing household supplies and other things.

4. Studio interior 25 sq. m with a balcony

This project proves that a studio apartment is not only student housing or a temporary home for young families. With the correct layout of the studio 25 sq. m here can live quite comfortably and an elderly person. The customer of this project equipped housing not for herself, but for her mother. As the designers write in their blog, the main wishes were: a comfortable bed, a sleeping place for guests, a work area and the ability to store not only clothes, but also books.

The developer got a typical studio for this footage: a rectangle with one window and a loggia, a tiny entrance hall and a bathroom. The existing space was not cluttered with partitions, since one person will live in the apartment.

The living area was conditionally divided into two parts: a kitchen and a bedroom-living room. A compact kitchen set was placed linearly, separating the cooking area from the resting place with a dining table. On a small area, it was possible to place two sleeping places: a couch-bed for the hostess and a comfortable folding chair in case of overnight guests. There is also a spacious wardrobe, TV and wall cabinets for the home library.

The designers used the space of the insulated loggia to the maximum: they organized a spacious storage system near each wall, and also placed a compact hanging table here, which can be used as a workplace or read a book while enjoying morning coffee.

Since all the spaces in this apartment are small, both the living area and the balcony are made in a light palette that visually enlarges the area. It is complemented by warm tones of brown and beige, as well as a cozy texture of wood.

Entrance hall 3.2 sq. m turned out to be surprisingly functional: there was enough space for a spacious closet, and for a large mirror, and for the entrance area, where it is convenient to undress and dress. There are two types of flooring on the floor: practical tiles at the door, then – the same light laminate as in the rest of the apartment.

In the bathroom 3.5 sq. m there was a place for everything you need: a shower cabin 90×90 cm, storage systems, a washing machine and even a separate corner with a cat tray. The space was also decorated in warm nude colors. On the walls and on the floor there is porcelain stoneware, and the flooring repeats the finish of the entrance area.

Arrangement tips

When arranging housing in a limited area, it is important to get the most out of every square centimeter and take into account the peculiarities of studio layouts. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning.

And below you can see how the repair of real studios of 25 sq. m.

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