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one Classic style

The classical style originated in the 17th century, but even after so much time it has not lost its relevance. The style is changing, acquiring new features and thanks to this it remains relevant in modern interior designs of apartments and houses. More than half of Russians consider the classics to be suitable for the rooms in which they live. Consider what techniques you need to use in order to create a real classic interior.

Classic apartment style

Design: Barlow & Barlow Design

Wall decoration in the first place should be neat. It can be smooth wallpaper, and coatings with laconic patterns: stripes, monograms and other decorations. The ceiling, as a rule, is decorated with stucco, but if you do not like to make it heavier or your house has very low ceilings, you should treat the stucco and decor carefully, it is better to leave it smooth. The floor is usually wooden. Of course, natural parquet looks better, but if you want to save money, you can find a worthy replacement among budget laminate manufacturers.

Opt for pastel colors to make a room look majestic: beige, ivory and white work great. The latter is often used as the main one, for example, in the color of the walls, and it is also used to highlight details: furniture, textiles, decor. Bright shades will help to complete the interior: you can use red, blue, blue, purple and other “rich” colors.

Furniture should be massive, with textile or leather upholstery. Preferably from wood, but this will require a large budget, you can choose something more affordable from artificial material.

2 Scandinavian style

The “Scandi” style, as its lovers call it, has come into fashion quite recently, but it seems to be for a long time. Scandinavian-style interiors are always minimalistic and budget-friendly, but at the same time homely and warm. The style is quite universal, there are no specific details, but there are many elements that will create comfort and coziness: light walls, minimalist upholstered furniture, green plants, textiles and useful, but beautiful decor.

Scandinavian style in the kitchen

Design: Ahre Fastighetsbyrå

It is the functionality that is reflected in the Scandinavian style. Suffice it to recall the words of the Finnish designer Alvaro Aalto that an architect should make life more convenient – this is the definition applied to Scandi interiors.

Another distinctive feature of this direction is naturalness. It is best if the room has furniture made of real wood, textiles are made of linen, cotton or silk. Replace lifeless plastic chairs with wooden chairs, even if they are knocked together by you yourself: rough unhewn wood can be an interesting detail in your Scandi room.

Despite the minimalism, each interior should be individual, this property is brought by family photographs, hand-made accessories, posters on the walls. It is important that it is not “decor for the sake of decor”, but a useful thing that reflects the character of the owners.

Although Scandinavian style should be dominated by light colors – white, light gray and pale blue – bright accents can add life to the interior.

3 Loft

The loft style distinguishes extraordinary personalities, somewhat ascetics, lovers of freedom and space. It is this direction that can emphasize the individual features of the owner, since the characteristic negligence of style makes it possible to roam the imagination.

Despite the fact that usually a loft requires space, today it is also being created in city apartments. It is desirable that the room is not the smallest and with a sufficiently high ceiling. Often, in the loft style, two-level apartments in new buildings are decorated.

loft style

Design: AMR Design

For a loft, the less decoration, the better. Ceilings and walls can be simply plastered to look like regular gray concrete. This style also loves brick – use a decorative material, but it is better for one of the walls. Often the walls in such rooms are decorated with graffiti, road signs or a basketball hoop – this is done to create the feeling of an outer wall, raw and sloppy. Ventilation and pipes are also not hidden, but put on display, turning them into decorative elements.

Ring DFC R3

Ring DFC R3

In such interiors, you do not need a lot of furniture, because the main decoration is free space. Often furniture is also a subject for zoning. For example, a bookcase can become a partition between the bedroom and the kitchen, and a bar counter between the kitchen and the living room.

four Contemporary style

Contemporary is simplicity, restraint and functionality. Due to the fact that artificial materials and simple shapes are used in the interiors of such rooms, it can be created on a small budget.

The correct placement of furniture and the absence of unnecessary details distinguish this style, for example, from country music or pompous classics.

Contemporary design

Design: Elizabeth Krueger Design

The contemporary style loves discreet colors (light beige, milky, gray and white) and modern materials. The flooring can be finished with laminate, ceramic tiles or plain carpet.

Furniture – only functional and simple forms. It should be comfortable and fit into the space, not create a feeling of clutter and not look too massive.

Do not forget about accessories, as they add life to the interior. You can use contrasting shades, but in moderation. Choose beautiful flower vases, hang a few pictures – you can limit yourself to this.

5 Minimalism

They say that minimalism in the interior should correspond to the state of mind. It is suitable for those who are in harmony with themselves and who do not need external attributes, but only silence, peace and order.

Minimalism in the living room

Design: NorthWall Builders

Minimalism is always the thoughtfulness of space, a folded composition, not just the absence of superfluous things (although, of course, you need to throw out old furniture in the first place). There should be few things in the room, but be sure to be functional and simple. Clear lines and shapes prevail. Adherents of this style believe that only by discarding all unnecessary, you can see the beauty.

The minimalist style does not require certain rules in color. You can use cold colors of metal, and warm pastel shades, and wood. However, you should definitely take into account that one color is chosen for decoration, and others are added with accents. For example, a contrasting carpet on a plain floor.

6 Neoclassic

Neoclassicism has absorbed the beauty of the classical style, and the features of modernity that a person needs today. Neoclassicism has been and will be a sign of good taste, it is laconic, but elegant and rich.

What modern features are inherent in neoclassicism? The use of modern materials and technologies is what designers like and opens up great opportunities compared to the classic style. Another advantage is a small budget requirement. You can use artificial materials and at the same time make a very aesthetic interior.

Neoclassicism in the photo

Design: Taste Design Inc.

The color palette of modern classics usually consists of light tones, but there may be bright details of natural shades, flashy and “acidic” colors should not be. Neoclassical furniture design is also lighter, the lines are straighter, and the furniture itself is more functional.

The decor is also more restrained compared to the classics. In such rooms you can find fewer antiques, but at the same time in a small amount they will be appropriate and add luxury.

7 Ecostyle

Ecostyle in interior design appeared as a continuation of ecological thinking in all developed countries. Clean and fresh air, nature – that’s what a person lacks in a metropolis.

Eco style in the bathroom

Photo: Kitchens by Wedgewood

When creating an eco-style interior, it is important to pursue the concept of “do no harm” to nature, therefore, such features as the naturalness of materials, the desire for tranquility, and maximum naturalness are characteristic. Use pastel colors, soft, relaxing. For example, a combination of blue, sand and white; green, beige and light wood; dark brown, green and white.

The main thing is not to overdo it with the tree. Otherwise, you can turn the apartment into a wooden box.

Stone finishes, ceramics, glass in addition to wood will look good. Use natural textiles too.

eight Country

Country style today remains at the peak of popularity for lovers of measured pastime at home. Interiors in this style are reminiscent of “grandmother’s house”, where it is always very cozy, smells delicious of pies, and delicious tea is waiting on the table. Most likely, it is with such associations that country is often chosen for decorating kitchens and living rooms, and much less often for bedrooms. After all, it is the “family” rooms that should be cozy and hospitable.

Country style

Design: Madcap Cottage

The basic rule of a country-style interior is to use colors from the “natural” palette. Wood, floral ornaments, natural textiles often prevail. A distinctive feature of the country room will be a large amount of decor: these are family photos in wooden frames, and many natural or artificial flowers, and soft pillows on sofas, and curtains.

If possible, you can arrange a decorative fireplace in the living room, it will fit perfectly into the interior. In the bedroom – put blankets with various patterns on the bed. It is better to integrate modern technology into furniture so as not to mix styles, this will not be appropriate.

Electric fireplace Dimplex Mozart RC DELUXE

Electric fireplace Dimplex Mozart RC DELUXE

9 Modern style

Modern style is an extensive direction, and therefore almost does not differ in special rules. Probably, for this, designers love him so much, because you can not limit the flight of fancy and then call it “modern style”. Nevertheless, we will try to bring some clarity and highlight a few theses.

Firstly, the main emphasis in modern style interiors is on the play of contrasts. Pastel colors are often used as a background: light brown, white, light gray. And furniture and accessories are chosen dark or bright. Due to this combination, you can make the right emphasis on the details and the interior will turn out “as from the picture”.

Modern photo style

Design: Sims Luxury Builders

Secondly, the peculiarity of modern style is the ability to correctly combine artificial materials with natural ones. Thirdly, if we are talking about a living room, wallpaper or plaster is more often used as a finish. It is important to achieve maximum smoothness of the walls so that they become a kind of canvas for further creativity.

And another feature is moderation in decor. The modern style is not characterized by an abundance of pillows, blankets, napkins on tables, curtains, paintings or photographs.

ten High tech

High-tech will harmoniously fit into the modern pace of life – the style is simple and functional, technological, which is why most young and energetic people love it and choose it.

The basic rule of a high-tech apartment is a large number of technological innovations. This does not mean at all that you need to “stuff” the apartment with electronics and household appliances, high-tech rather requires the opposite – these innovations are not put on display, they are invisible, but at the same time they are “responsible” for the comfort and convenience of residents. For example, blinds with remote control, baseboards with heating instead of a standard radiator.

Hi-tech style

Design: Kamaleono Design Studio

With the fact that you do not need to flaunt your technological “wealth”, it is clear. How do we understand that an apartment or room is decorated in high-tech style? First, it should have a lot of free space. There are few things in a high-tech house, they are all functional, take up a minimum of space and do not stand “just like that”. If the apartment is small, you can make glass partitions in it or choose a free layout so that nothing hides the space.

Secondly, finishing materials. Natural ones are rarely used. On the contrary, “in price” artificial materials.

And thirdly, the difference in functional furniture. For example, a collapsible sofa or a bed that will be transformed from a single to a double bed. You can also often find a table-pouffe. Another feature of the furniture in its unusual forms. Often you can see details that seem to have arrived from space.

eleven Eclecticism

Eclecticism is perfect for the temperament of modern creative people who have good taste. I would like to focus on the last point. Mixing different styles in the same room is not easy, so without the main ingredient it will turn out ugly.

We will tell you a few secrets on how to successfully combine different styles and create a luxurious eclectic interior.

  1. Choose a light wall color such as white or beige. This will make it easier to combine different colors of furniture and accessories.

  2. Use the same ornaments. For example, the color of upholstery and curtains. This will bring the subjects together and create a more harmonious picture.

  3. Choose one different piece that will be in a different style: for example, chairs for a dining group or a chandelier.

  4. Combine items according to shape. This will make it easier to combine different styles with each other.

Eclectic photo

Photo: wallpaperdirect.com

12 mediterranean style

The Mediterranean style in the interior seems ascetic to many, but this does not negate its comfort and originality.

One of the criteria for the success of the Mediterranean style is the right finish. The simpler – the better, such a rule dictates style. And it is desirable to choose natural materials. Perhaps the most typical solution for walls will be light decorative plaster. Wood or tile is usually laid on the floor (if it is a kitchen or hallway). Carpets will not fit into such an interior, unless they are small mats.

Mediterranean style photo

Photo: Eco Nice Bed

The choice of color in a Mediterranean-style room must be taken seriously. Pastel shades and pure white are desirable. Designers distinguish several approaches: Greek and Italian. In the first case, they often play on contrasts, diluting white with bright accessories. Additional colors should be natural: green, brown, blue or blue, lavender and the like. The Italian approach is characterized by smoothness and monochrome, often using brown as a base and complementing it with olive, gray or pale yellow.

Wood is one of the main materials of the Mediterranean style. Stylish furniture of regular shapes without fanciful carving is very suitable for such an interior.

To add luxury to an ascetic room, especially a bedroom, textiles will help: pillows, sheets, bedspreads embroidered with shiny threads or beads. The room will look charming and stylish.

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