one Handmade furniture

One of the modern trends in boho style is hand-made furniture. It is often made from “rough” materials and household items that were once in use. For example, a large building reel can make a pretty table, and if you attach a wheel to the base, it will be easy to move around the room. And it’s not difficult to make a base for a bed out of construction pallets.

2 Linen textile

Linen is the trend of recent seasons. Its popularity is explained not only by aesthetics, but also by practicality: linen textiles look good even when wrinkled. The boho style is characterized by natural materials in their natural state, so not perfect smoothness is only beneficial.

Linen textile in boho style

Photo: Instagram whitesands.shop

3 Deliberately uneven wall decoration

The boho style does not imply ideality in principle, so the unevenness of the walls is also quite acceptable. For example, it is enough to paint the brickwork, and varnish the old floor covering.

Uneven wall decoration photo

Photo: Instagram musthaveslvrs

four Contrasting colors

Colors are relevant for the boho style, although lately it has gravitated towards pastel shades. Contrasting colors look especially impressive. For example, dark wall decoration and light accessories on them. Or light walls and bright furniture.

5 Pastel base colors

Boho, as in many interior styles, is based on pastel shades. In boho they are warm: beige, milky, brown.

Pastel base colors

Photo: Instagram aurorefaitdeladeco

6 Lots of greenery

Green accents add harmony and air to the interior. In boho style interiors, you can add green plants accentuated, dosed, or put a lot of flowers of different sizes. Boho is not “afraid” of greenery, so feel free to use this technique.

7 Curtains and valances

One of the features of boho style is textiles. Even instead of doors, curtains are often used in this style, and canopies are made above the bed, in the recreation area on open terraces and sofas.

Curtains and valances in boho style

Photo: Instagram swaro109

eight Oriental patterns

Accessories with oriental patterns are a great accent for boho style. Oriental patterns are considered a fashion trend, as well as light eclecticism. In the boho style, oriental motifs are also due to the historical origin of this trend.

9 Mirrors

Choose large mirrors in classic frames – this will add luxury and chic to the boho interior. It is better to put them against the wall – so the atmosphere of relaxation, already inherent in the style, will be felt even more strongly. You can make a composition of small framed mirrors on the wall.

Mirrors in the boho interior

Photo: Instagram aurorefaitdeladeco

ten Wicker accessories

Another common trend that has found its way into the boho style. Wicker baskets, accessories and even furniture (baby cradle, for example) will be a great addition to the interior.

eleven Fringes and dream catchers

Fringe is a trend in the oriental interior, and for the boho style it is relevant as a wall accessory, as a decor for a curtain or, for example, on a decorative pillowcase.

Fringe and dream catchers photo

Photo: Instagram cotton_river

12 open shelves

In the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom – in almost all rooms in the boho style, open storage systems predominate. Decorate them with accessories or useful little things, dishes, lighting fixtures, flowers – whatever you like. In general, the boho style is characterized by a slight clutter. Therefore, a large number of accessories should not be afraid.

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