one Loft with red accents and a bicycle on the wall

This fun little loft is an example of how to fit a bedroom, a work area and even find a place for a bicycle in one room. The vehicle was hung on the wall at the head of the bed – and the bicycle became at the same time an interesting accessory that suits the style of the room.

Loft with red accents photo

Photo: Instagram loftdesign

In order to dilute the red brick, the designer added bright red accents. The desktop is also with a “surprise” – roomy drawers will allow you to store not only working documents there. And if desired, it can even transform into a dressing table.

Desk loft

Photo: Instagram loftdesign

A slatted partition separates the desk from the bed. It does not create a visual load, it serves as an excellent way of zoning.

2 Loft with spacious storage systems

In small apartments, it is very important to think over the storage of things, and the owners of this small apartment decided to give the main “burden” of storage to the bedroom. A chest of drawers and a cabinet with veneer fronts “support” the chosen industrial style, and drawers under the bed are one of the best storage solutions in small spaces. Take note.

3 Loft with glass partition

The owners of this odnushki separated the bedroom area from the living room with a glass sliding partition. In order to dilute the red color of the finish, we chose light furniture and the same textiles. This refreshed the interior and gave it lightness.

Loft with a glass partition photo

Photo: Instagram loft_wood_life

four Loft-style bedroom with glass cabinet doors

Mirrors in small rooms help to visually enlarge the space. The owners of this apartment decided to use a well-known technique, but they did not use it quite standardly – they made part of the cabinet doors mirrored.

Loft bedroom with mirrors

Photo: Instagram vestineterior

Few people like to make mirrored walls opposite the bed, so they designed the far corner in this way. The rest of the doors are decorated in the same style as the ceiling, so the cabinet became its continuation. This is another way to “dissolve” a large storage system in a small room without weighing down the interior.

5 Loft with colored walls and a sliding partition

This apartment used a non-standard technique – the bedroom area and the bathroom are separated by a sliding partition with frosted glass. They also used zoning with lighting and color. The bedroom has a ceiling chandelier, and the bathroom has built-in spots. The rich green color of the wet zone finish is very well combined with brown brick.

Loft with colored walls photo

Photo: Instagram maria_letnikova

Please note that such redevelopment must be coordinated. And it is not possible in all cases.

6 Loft with thoughtful zoning

Sometimes, in order to zone a space, just finishing is enough. Just like in this apartment. The living area is decorated in a standard way for a loft – brown bricks and wooden floors, but in the dining area they made porcelain stoneware with a marble pattern and painted the walls with black paint.

In order to make the interior not boring, successful accents were chosen – a bright poster picture in the dining room and a colored carpet-skin on the living room floor.

7 Scandinavian studio with loft elements

Eclectic interiors today can be found much more often than “pure” style. An example is this Scandinavian-style studio. An accent brick wall serves as a visual zoning of the kitchen and living room, and a classic chandelier, which is often added to the loft style, gives the small studio a touch of chic and luxury. An interesting trick worth noting.

Scandinavian style with loft elements

Photo: Instagram dambilovesthatroom

eight Loft-style kitchen trailer

Kitchens that are elongated are usually difficult to design functionally and stylishly – there is too little free space. Here, the designers decided to “sacrifice” a full-fledged table in order to leave more space for free movement. The role of the table is played by a wide wooden window sill. This is a great idea for very small kitchens.

Kitchen trailer in loft style photo

Photo: Instagram voconcept77

9 Small loft-style studio for a man

Loft style is considered by many to be a “masculine” style. And this is due to its brutality – brick finishing, “under the concrete” or no finish at all.

This small studio with an area of ​​only 17 squares was designed in a loft style and managed to place a full-fledged kitchen and a living room with a sofa bed. The bar counter serves as an element of zoning.

Studio for men loft photo

Photo: Instagram malenkayakvartira

All things are planned to be stored in a large built-in wardrobe with light facades.

Storage cabinet loft style photo

Photo: Instagram malenkayakvartira

ten Loft studio for a young couple

This apartment of the same footage, 17 square meters, was already made for a young couple. The kitchen fits in a small area – instead of a dining table, a window sill is also used. For a small family without children, this is a good solution and a way to save space.

Loft-style kitchen photo

Photo: Instagram alexandr_lisitsa_fh

More storage space for two is needed, so a large spacious wardrobe with drawers up to the ceiling appeared around the sofa, and an ordinary wooden wardrobe took its place against the wall. A contrasting black wall is an atypical solution for a studio, but in this case it plays an accent role and does not hide square meters at all.

By the way, the bathroom was decorated in the same style. Black walls in a small bathroom? A very bold decision, but in this case it even plays into the hands – the walls seem to dissolve and the lack of square meters is felt to a lesser extent.

bathroom loft photo

Photo: Instagram alexandr_lisitsa_fh

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