But really, why? Why complicate things: there is a floor – let it remain so, there is nowhere to sit – we will put an armchair, nowhere to lie down – we will buy a sofa, and how much more will fit inside it. Tired here – move to another place, is it difficult!

Is it even worth bothering with such a complex and stationary element as a podium …

If the podium is in the interior in order to put a bed on top of it, and then sleepily forget about the extra step and fly into hell, then yes, the podium is a completely superfluous and even unsafe architectural “misunderstanding”.

However, it can become just a godsend if you give it not only a decorative, but also a functional load.

A bed-high podium perfectly replaces it. At the same time, you get a raised platform that smoothly flows into some other functional element.

In the nursery, this can be a play area. Whether it is covered with something or not does not matter, because the very fact that the structure is raised provides warmth on its wooden surface.

In the adult bedroom on such an extended “bed” you can put a tray with breakfast, a laptop.

The podium in the bathroom is generally chic. And ideally, it should be made along the upper level of the bath bowl, so that it would be comfortable to sit on its edge.
Another option is an elevation under the bath, then you can take a relaxing procedure enjoying the view from the window.
I was especially surprised by one design project for TV Alteration. Just a brilliant decision, in my opinion, to raise the level of the floor bathroom above the edges of the mini-pool, hiding the latter under the slatted floor.

This is the view from the bathroom entrance. The steps that lead to this lattice podium did not fall into the field of view. To the left are two sinks, which is very convenient. To the right, behind the shuttered doors, there is a bathroom, a utility block with a washing machine and a dryer, and a shower behind a glass door.

This is a view from the side of the hozblok. As you can see, a large bathtub was placed in the center, or rather a mini-pool, which will accommodate the whole family.

The minimum flow height in this room cannot be less than 3 m.

The podium for the height of the chair, arranged by the window, is already a couch with a panoramic view. It is much more pleasant to pass the evenings here with a book or a laptop, you see, it is better than sitting in an armchair in front of the TV.

podium at windows along the height of the table are practically an office, therefore it is quite logical to place a row of shelves at arm’s length (for books or other equally useful items).
Under the podium, it is easy to hide such a not always aesthetic, but necessary item as a heating radiator.

Any functional version of the podium is also good because under it you can place shelves, a pull-out table or even a bed, drawers and other very useful items.

So, the podium is a great tool for optimizing the space of the interior, which means it is an important element of small-sized rooms.

By and large, this element is like a huge and invisible closet that holds a lot and at the same time takes up almost no space.
Is it worth reminding that any podium design for the interior is performed individually, based on the features of the interior and the designer’s ideas, and always with the participation of a specialized specialist.
However, there are simple options that you can still do with your own hands if you have the skills of welding or assembling wooden structures.
The basis of any podium – frame: it can be made from a profile pipe or a flat and dried timber. The size of the section depends solely on the expected load.
Before proceeding with its assembly, a detailed plan is drawn up with exact dimensions. If the design contains ready-made elements from building supermarkets (blind doors, facades and drawers), then in the calculations they give “allowances” for their free functioning from 5 to 10 mm.
The size of the allowance can be “peeped” in factory furniture.
IMPORTANT: All measurements are taken to the nearest millimeter!
The basis of any frame is the logs on which it will be attached. If necessary, the logs are fixed to the floor, and the side parts to the wall.

When designing, one should not neglect such an additional rigidity element as “oblique” stops. It doesn’t matter what material the frame will be made of – an intense load will be carried out on it and it’s better to be safe here 🙂

The upper horizontal plane of the podium is usually made of plywood or OSB, but subsequently sheathed with laminate, carpet, parquet, clapboard and even tiles.

If sheathing is planned with a board or MDF board, then it is quite possible to do without a draft layer.


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