Not all dachas look like a traditional residential building with the usual attributes of comfort. But after all, not everyone is intended for permanent residence …

The term “garden house” is more suitable for many of them, as they are miniature.

However, whatever the parameters of this building, if there is no comfort inside, then there is no point in it.

If the dacha is not a place to relax, but a “weekend paratrooper” in the garden, you can spend the night in a tent)))
A small space is difficult in terms of interior design because you want to place all the functionality inside, and the floor area is limited. Here, three techniques for expanding space come to the aid of designers: optimization, consolidation, and visual “deception”.

VISUAL “DECEIVE” it actually isn’t. This technique simply removes obstacles in the way of sliding the gaze.
Here, let’s say, what a deception is that the walls flow smoothly into the slopes of the roof, and there is no ceiling as such. Visually, it rises to the level of the roof ridge and the internal height of the room is actually much higher than if they had made a horizontal ceiling.

And the windows? If you make them large, and even from floor to ceiling … then you just look at a larger space. There is no obstacle – there is no feeling of tightness.

And, of course, the well-known method of visual expansion with the help of white or wide horizontal stripes.

SPACE OPTIMIZATION suitable not only for practical people, it will definitely appeal to romantic natures.
Residential mezzanine in the country – a very convenient architectural element. This “bed” under the ceiling will be happy to be chosen by the younger generation.

Under it there are non-residential, but functionally necessary areas: a kitchen and a bathroom. Their ceiling height is allowed within 2.1 – 2.2 m.

UNION OF SPACE welcome in any residential buildings with small dimensions.
And if earlier the combination of rooms of similar function (kitchen + dining room, toilet + bathroom, hall + living room) was considered the norm, then the modern approach to this issue involves the combination of completely different territories: living room + kitchen, bedroom + bathroom …
If cooking in the kitchen not from morning to evening, and the bedroom belongs to a married couple, then the result will be not four separate rooms, but two spacious rooms. Moreover, the space can be zoned with sliding partitions.


In order not to cut trees on the site, the architect came up with a project for a country house that combines a living compartment, a terrace, a bathroom, a utility block and several storage spaces for storing garden equipment and equipment. However, not a single tree was harmed.


An old construction trailer was adapted for a country house. Multifunctional furniture and its good location made it possible to place even a bathroom in a tiny space.


Textiles will make any space cozy and romantic…

Scandinavian style is associated with white, this is not always the case. But white always brightens up a space…

This room is in the city, but decorated with folklore notes… nostalgia for a happy childhood in the countryside.

There is always too much wood in a house made of timber. To dilute the monotonous texture will help huge light spots of large windows or, as in the photo, a plain lining of the stove.

In a small house, the attic space should be used to the maximum …

Repair is nothing, style is everything)))

A very good solution is not to paint the end wall white, so as not to “dissolve” the furniture in it and keep the “warmth” of the wood texture…

A boxed bed… Why not? It turned out a mini-bedroom with a textile canopy.

Low walls are not so low if there is no ceiling in the house.

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A narrow section is not a cause for disappointment – it is just a creative challenge to the architect and a worthy payment for his work. And there is something to break your head over. We will not call houses with a facade of 6 m or more narrow. The article will focus on buildings whose dimensions should “squeeze” into a narrow strip of the site …

The most difficult summer question is how to plan such a house, where there will be enough space with a small area. Let’s be realistic and face the truth: a sufficient living area with a minimum development can be provided only with a two-level layout of a country house, when …

Mirror tiles for wall panels

Decoration interior mirror tiles – a fashion trend. Therefore, like everything fashionable, it can become obsolete. In order not to be disappointed in your choice, you should familiarize yourself with some of the nuances of “Through the Looking Glass” at the stage of interior design.

Ideas for giving

Dacha dacha is different, but this axiom follows, by no means, from the financial capabilities of the owners. The key to a beautiful suburban area is the delicate taste, patience and diligence of the one who decided to transform it. And finances only solve the issue of time and personal participation in the improvement work.