How often in winter, peering into a dull landscape, we dream of a sunny summer, and when it finally comes, we begin to languish from the heat and the scorching sun.

However, is it worth it to be so upset because of the “side effect” of everyone’s favorite season in the era of new technologies?

Everyone knows that microclimate systems effectively save from high temperatures inside the house. But will they protect walls and curtains from fading? And if for some reason in your house you can not use them?

In addition to smart and complex systems, mankind has long been familiar with such elementary and reliable devices as sun protection. At one time I happened to work in this area for a long time, so I am familiar with the nuances.

The first thing that comes to mind at the mention of sun protection is blinds and blinds. This is not the most effective way to “lower the degree of heat”, but for the inhabitants of the apartments, perhaps the only option.

Shielding windows from the inside protects against UV radiation, but does not help to reduce the temperature, since the glass still heats up. However, in combination with energy-saving double-glazed windows, this problem can also be solved.

Much more choice in the private sector. They can afford to protect the windows from the outside, and this is a guaranteed coolness inside the house. Glasses do not heat up, the interior does not burn out.

And now about all types of sun protection in more detail.


Yes, ordinary curtains are already a protective screen for the interior. Another thing is that not all fabrics withstand the pressure of UV radiation and on a sunny window they quickly lose their color intensity and, along with it, their attractive appearance.

There are two methods to help deal with this problem.

The first is to “plant” the curtains lined with white fabric. The British were the first to think of doing this, and when duplication became a tradition, the back side of the curtains began to be colored (for greater decorativeness) and even dark (to create strong shading).

The second is an additional curtain with an effect blackout. This is a specialized canvas with complete opacity. Their place is on the farthest cornice rod. The option is comfortable for curtains, daytime sleep and watching TV, but absolutely unacceptable for a permanent stay.
Roman curtains, Japanese panels and Vietnamese rolls have become popular types of curtains as protection against excessive radiation. All three types can be sewn not only from lined fabric, but also made from bamboo.

vietnamese bamboo curtain

japanese panels


Do not rush to write off this, perhaps, the most ancient type of sun protection. Today it has received a new, modern sound.

Shutters have ceased to be deaf and in appearance they rather resemble blinds.

Modern designs are made traditionally hinged, sliding, opening like an accordion, and most importantly, they can be moved from the facade of the house into the interior.

And often the shutters are so good that they are a self-sufficient window decoration.


aluminum blinds with rails

Traditional aluminum blinds with horizontal slats need no introduction.

Everything is clear here: systems that are mounted on the interior side of the frame or wall are open and closed.

If everyone is familiar with the former, then the latter (the “pro” system) are a one-piece structure with a frame, hide the edges of the lamellas under the guide rails and do not sag when the frame is opened for ventilation.

The system is ideal for sloped roof windows.

NUANCE. I consider the disadvantage of horizontal blinds to be their tendency to accumulate dust on their surface.

Given the design features, easy cleaning should be forgotten. They even came up with special multi-tiered sponges for cleaning slats.

If in living rooms this is a “little flaw”, then in the kitchen with its features, it can turn into a big nuisance.

The system of built-in horizontal slats will help to get rid of problems with cleaning.

Blinds are installed between panes at the stage of assembling an insulating glass unit in a window manufacturer’s shop.

For those who need more information, I recommend that you do not purchase blinds at small retail outlets, but contact the representative organizations of the sun protection manufacturer. There you will be invited to the showroom, they will show you samples of all possible options and determine which one will suit you best.

aluminum blinds in the interior

blinds built into the double glazing

Horizontal wooden blinds They are more expensive, but they also look more respectable. They will be an excellent choice for decorating a yacht cabin, an office and just an expensive interior.

I note that the lamellas are made from certain types of wood, from bamboo, they can have a natural shade or be painted.

The only place where it is not recommended to use this type of sun protection is rooms with high humidity.

blinds with wooden slats

Pleated blinds are made from specialized fabric, gathering it into a small accordion.

The advantage of this type of sun protection is the attachment feature. Such blinds can be opened absolutely arbitrarily: from above, from below, to place the screen in the middle.

To move the horizontal bar, you should press the lever and, without opening it, move it to the desired height, after which the lever is released, and the bar is tightly fixed at a given level.

In order for the folds in the accordion to be evenly distributed, the pleated blinds must have guide threads.

However, this is not always acceptable, especially on large windows.

Therefore, other canvases are used here – tubular.

pleated blinds

Everyone knows vertical fabric blinds more often become inhabitants of offices and public places. But with proper selection of fabrics and additions, they may well compete in decorativeness with curtains.

It’s nice that manufacturers are making a lot of efforts to improve their products. And now sun protection systems have appeared on the market for designing not only beveled, but also arched windows. In addition, photo printing can be applied to the fabric canvas and make the interior unique.

Well, the lamellas themselves are already made of wood and even threads.

vertical blinds with slats

wooden vertical blinds

Rafshtora – these are the same blinds, but external, with fastening from the side of the facade. They have only a distant resemblance to the indoor ones you know.

Firstly, the aluminum alloy is more durable, the lamellas themselves are much wider and have increased rigidity.

Secondly, there are many options for execution:

  • lifting (the lightest),
  • fixed (reinforced, anti-vandal),
  • with rotary slats (change the angle of inclination),
  • retractable (the frame with blinds moves away according to the principle of interior partitions), in fact these are the same shutters.

These are only vertical blinds, but there are also horizontal ones. They are mounted above the window perpendicular to the wall, like a visor. The slats in this design can be fixed or swivel to adjust the density of the shadow over the window.

Well, where the metallic sheen is not appropriate, you can use models woodenundergone special processing.

blinds with swivel lamellas


A roller blind is a flat “curtain” that rolls up when opened. For interior design, fabric roller blinds (they are also roller blinds) made of special fabric are used.

Actually, the material for roller blinds is the same as for vertical blinds, only the assortment is much richer. You will be offered a choice of natural, synthetic, and even metallized materials.

The structure of the fabric can be:

  • mesh (perfectly scatters light and creates a pleasant penumbra),
  • with a coating that reflects light and heat,
  • with absolute opacity (blaskout – very convenient for home cinemas and bedrooms),
  • with alternating dense and transparent stripes, by shifting which you can create shading (day-night effect)

If we talk about choosing the ideal material, then, perhaps, a fabric made of metallized threads has the best reflective properties, and in combination with a mesh structure creates a favorable microclimate in the room. Such roleta apply in modern buildings with glass walls.

But high-tech design will not fit into any interior, and the systems themselves are not cheap and are not so common on sale. But the traditional fabrics for roller blinds amaze with the richness and variety of choices.

For northern windows, it is preferable to choose fabrics with a mesh structure. For warmer southern windows, natural fabrics with reflective properties are preferred.

metal mesh roller blinds

perforated blaskout fabric roller blinds

effect roller blinds "day Night"

Are there tissue roller shutters for outdoor use? Yes, there are, and they are called reflexols. This is an ideal choice for a modernist private home, where the area of ​​​​windows is almost equal to the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe walls.

The cornice system of such a roller blind is made, of course, reinforced, and the fabric is not afraid of water, sunlight and is able to withstand strong gusts of wind. When the system is closed, the side edges of the canvas are self-fixed by a special fastening with guides, so when there is a side wind, the reflexol does not “sail”.


Conventionally, external roller blinds can be called well-known awnings. According to the material of manufacture, they are all fabric.

As for the system configuration, only some of them resemble roller shutters. Other variations of this type of sun protection are folding baskets or fans.

Awnings from trusted European manufacturers justify their high price, as they are reliable and durable. The designs are constantly being improved, and the fabrics have a water-repellent impregnation and a color that is resistant to the rays of the sun.

folding structure of the awning - visor

marquise on windows

fan design of the awning

awning construction - basket

NUANCE. The only negative of all outdoor fabric sun protection is the need for mandatory drying before wintering. Indeed, for a long period of lying in a roll in a wet state, mold can settle on the fabric. But in this case, it is rather a reminder of frugality than a negative feature of marquises and reflexes.


Almost all sun protection systems are not sold ready-made, they are made exclusively to order after measurement by the contractor.

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