As any occasion approaches, housewives always have a concern – cooking. It’s hard to imagine Christmas, Easter, Christmas or birthdays without special dishes that we don’t enjoy every day.

But there is one “BUT” – delicious Christmas dishes often require a lot of effort, which housewives have to give.

So, this time we want to talk about how to prepare great dishes for Christmas while saving time and effort.


Christmas goose

We chose this recipe as one of the simplest, but most valuable. Roast goose on the table at Christmas looks traditional, and cooking is easier than you imagine.
* Single geese
* Garlic
* Spices
* 200 gr. dried apricots
* 4 apples
* 1 teaspoon of mustard
First of all, rub the goose with mustard, salt, pepper and garlic (to make it easier, make a mixture of all these seasonings and rub it). After coating the goose with spices, leave it overnight to allow all the spices to absorb and flavor the meat. The next day, add apples, garlic and cumin to the goose. Then you can roast the goose in the oven until the meat gets a nice brown shade.

Fish patties with filling

Christmas dishes with fillings require a little more effort, but this is a recipe that will make even your fingers lick. Keep in mind that this recipe is for 8 people – if there are fewer people, you can reduce the amount of ingredients accordingly. So, go ahead!
You will need:
* 1 kilogram of minced fish
* 2 eggs
* 100 grams of baguette
* 100 milliliters of milk
* A couple of teaspoons of salt and pepper
* A couple of pinches of fish spices
* 300 grams of peas
* 2 onions
* 2 handfuls of breadcrumbs
Let’s start with the filling. Finely chop the onion and fry until golden brown. Do not thaw the peas and add them to the boiling water. Wait for them to boil and cook for 3 minutes. Put the fried onions and peas in a blender and grind (then add salt and pepper to taste.)
After that, the preparation of maltins begins. Pour milk over the baguette and leave to soften. Place the ground fish, pressed baguette, beaten egg, salt, pepper and spices in a meat grinder or food processor. True, if the minced meat is too soft, add breadcrumbs.
After grinding, take a piece the size of the palm of your hand, put the prepared filling in it, stick the dough together and just fry it in a pan with oil.

Traditional apple pie

And who said that only invisible and exotic Christmas dishes should be on the table? Everyone loves apple pie, it’s easy to make and such a simple dessert is usually the quickest to grab.

* 5 eggs
* 2 glasses of wheat flour
* 250 grams of butter
* 250 grams of sour cream
* Sugar
* 10 apples
* 5 teaspoons of cinnamon
Melt the butter, and when it cools down, mix in the sour cream, one egg at a time and, finally, the flour. Knead everything well and when the dough is ready – cut the apples and roll them in sugar and cinnamon. Then line the pan evenly with the dough. When the dough is spread out evenly, place the prepared apples on the base. Then knead the rest of the dough, cut it into strips and “cover” the apples. Bake in the oven until the surface is browned. After that, sprinkle the cake with powdered sugar.
And these are just three Christmas dishes that you can prepare quickly and without much effort – the holidays are made much easier when cooking becomes a pleasure.


If you are the one hosting the guests at Christmas, then preparing the food requires a lot more effort, so how do you plan everything in such a way that you don’t have to worry and pressure yourself so that Christmas turns into one of the most stressful working days of the year?
1. Prepare the sauce well in advance – and then freeze it. On Christmas Day, simply reheat it, maybe even season it with a little of the main course’s juices from the oven and you’re good to go!
2. Cut the potatoes the day before – shaving and cutting potatoes takes a lot of time, but you can safely do it before the holidays. True, keep the peeled and cut potatoes in water to prevent them from drying out.
3. Stuffing – You can also prepare the stuffing when it’s convenient for you and freeze it. When the fateful day arrives, thaw it and use it for your own purposes.
4. Special recipes – after browsing the Internet, you will definitely find a variety of recipes for dishes that you can prepare even a few days before Christmas. For example, various sauces, chocolate pudding and various cakes and non-standard Christmas dishes.
And these are just a few of the endless ways to spread the stress of Christmas cooking over several days.


And finally: the choice of dishes. So, you have put effort into preparing the food, cooking it, the last step is serving it.

Distribute the same plates to everyone for eating. If you don’t have all the same plates for the number of future guests, then at least put similar or the same color plates, because one or two guests may feel strange if they receive different plates.
The main Christmas dishes are served in the middle of the table, on large plates. For example, serve roast goose or turkey on a larger, round or oval-shaped plate. It would be even better if it were a real serving plate, which is deeper and holds more of the meat juices.
Also, don’t choose plates that barely fit the food for mixed drinks and dessert – this is a common habit when serving, which makes it awkward for guests to cut the cake or hang the mixed food.
So, we wish you a calm and leisurely welcome to the holidays.