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The interior of the kitchen is a very important detail of a new house. Since we spend a lot of time cooking and communicating with family members in the kitchen every day, it is important to take care of the beautiful environment of the room. But how to arrange a cooking space that is not only comfortable, but also pleasing to the eye? The interior of the kitchen and its design ideas are waiting for you here!

Why is it important to equip the kitchen properly?

Convenient arrangement of kitchen furniture, properly matched colors and interior details contribute to the installation of a kitchen that meets the needs. A space adapted to the family’s habits and lifestyle is extremely important for the overall comfort of the home. Taking into account the size of the room, the desired style, the colors you like and the right lighting, you will create a cozy corner of the house and be able to work safely and efficiently in the kitchen.

Kitchen interior best ideas

If you are a newcomer and the interior of the kitchen gives you pain, our carefully prepared ideas will help you not to get lost in the abundance of information.

Kitchen styles

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First of all, in order to install the kitchen of your dreams, it is advised to imagine the kitchen style you like the most. Are you a modern person who likes modernity? Or do you prefer Scandinavian minimalism? We will introduce you to various methods of kitchen installation.

  • Modern kitchen. This style is characterized by minimalism with artistic details. Combine contrasting colors with shiny countertops and unexpected materials to achieve a modern impression. This type of kitchen must have an accent, which can become a modern kitchen appliance, for example, a colorful one juicer.
  • Classic cuisine. Agree – classics never go out of fashion. The interior of the kitchen in this style is charming with bright, clean tones. You will strengthen the impression of the classics by taking care of the dark color accent – modern, high-quality ones are perfect for this hobs.
  • Scandinavian style kitchen. Scandinavian cooking space is famous for mixing styles and minimalism, so you won’t find an abundance of things here. The interior of such a kitchen combines straight, strict lines with light wood furniture. If you want to create an oasis of calm, this style is for you.
  • Traditional cuisine. Time-tested design solutions and modern aesthetics create a traditional kitchen that is popular these days. White ceramic tiles, light surfaces and cabinets with glass doors are all you need to create a timeless interior. And if you want an impression of modernity, a household appliance – modern – will help you create it built-in dishwasher.
  • Minimalist kitchen. “Less is more” is the main rule that minimalist interior design is based on. Proponents of this style value convenience and sustainability, so everything in this kitchen is compact, ecological and durable.
  • Industrial kitchen. This interior design is usually seen in spacious apartments and lofts with sources of natural light. The industrial cooking area is characterized by strict lines, large concrete, wood and metal motifs and dark tones. If you are looking for an interesting design solution, why not consider an industrial kitchen?

Arrangement of kitchen furniture

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One of the most important ideas on which the interior design of the kitchen depends is the proper arrangement of furniture. Whether you will use the space to the maximum depends on the convenient shape of the kitchen. When planning different locations of furniture, it is advised to refer to the golden rule of the triangle. According to this idea, the most important kitchen appliances are sinks, stoves and refrigerators – must be arranged in a triangle shape, close enough to each other for comfortable production.

Don’t forget the shapes of the kitchen – “L”, “I”, “II”, “U”, and “G” shaped layouts help to create a kitchen that meets personal requirements. Choose the wall-mounted (“I”) and parallel (“II”) form if the space is smaller, and residents of larger apartments, lofts and private houses are advised to take a look at the “G” and “U” layouts that allow efficient movement in the kitchen. And if you are looking for a versatile option, you will definitely like the corner “L” layout space – according to this model, even large household appliances can be efficiently arranged in even the smallest kitchen, for example built-in hood.

Kitchen colors

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The funnest part, on which the overall interior of the kitchen depends – the colors of the walls and furniture. To design the kitchen of your dreams, consider what you like, and most importantly, use your imagination. In order to make combining tones of different shades not difficult, follow these ideas:

  • Earth tones. Soft pink, rich brown and pastel green colors create an impression of sophistication and never go out of fashion. And if you want to keep the classic style, small, white household appliances will bring harmony to the earth tone space, for example microwave ovens.
  • Dark shades. Don’t be afraid of black – thanks to this tone, the interior of the kitchen will gain stability. Appliances with a dark design, such as kitchen scales, coffee machines or fryerswill give the space modernity without overshadowing the overall image.
  • Bright accents. Make the kitchen playful by adding a bold accent to the space. Bright yellow, fiery red and other eye-catching colors will certainly liven up the kitchen. Maybe you would like orange cabinets? Or maybe blue tones would suit the food island? The possibilities are endless!

Kitchen furniture

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Carefully selected kitchen furniture greatly influences the style of the space and helps create the desired atmosphere. Taking into account your needs and budget, you will choose stylish chairs, tables and other kitchen furniture, contributing to the establishment of an ideal cooking space. And if you are looking for a more unique design solution, one of the most popular interior ideas is a notice board on which you can write recipes, stick photos, or leave important messages.

Household equipment

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The interior of the kitchen is inseparable from modern household equipment. By combining various devices with the chosen style of the cooking space, you will achieve the desired image of the kitchen. Newcomers who appreciate the classics will like an elegant coffee machine, while a retro-style combine or a bright refrigerator will complete the modern space.


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What is a kitchen interior without colorful decorations? Decorate empty wall spaces with an elegant clock, decorative plates or family photos. Also, a bouquet of fragrant flowers in a graceful vase is always a great idea. Combining the colors of the decorations with the interior design, you will never ask.

The interior of the kitchen is a pleasant, but difficult task. We hope that these cooking space design tips will help you create the kitchen of your dreams. And you can always find details that enliven interior design in our online store.