It would not be an exaggeration to say that today the living room is the real center of any housing where the owners of a house or apartment relax and where they invite their friends and acquaintances. Any evening will become more pleasant if you spend it in a cozy and comfortably decorated living room. This room is open not only for each family member, but also for all guests invited to the house, because, as a rule, all celebrations in the house take place in this room. That is why it is very important to decorate the living room with dignity, since it will be used to judge the entire apartment as a whole and the people living in it.

living room design

Wide spacious living rooms, where you can hold any solemn meeting or event, not all owners of apartments and houses can afford. Most often, the living room is a multifunctional room designed not only for socializing with friends, but also for daily TV viewing, tea drinking, etc. In this regard, the living room is usually divided into two zones – intended for receiving guests and for relaxation. In order to distinguish between these zones, various techniques are used, ranging from different color schemes to the arrangement of furniture. For the dining area, shades of red, golden, orange, yellow are usually used, creating an atmosphere of comfort and contributing to the creation of a favorable mood. Lighting the dining area can be done with a chandelier or a lamp with a lampshade. It is advisable to arrange a recreation area using blue, green and blue shades that will help you relax after a hard day. And to create a more intimate atmosphere conducive to relaxation, wall lamps and sconces are well suited. To illuminate the room during ceremonial events, you can use lamps built into the ceiling, as well as light sources hidden in the cornices. Also, lighting allows you to highlight the most spectacular places in the interior, for example, an aquarium with fish.

If the main function of your living room is to watch movies together, then its main center should be a cinema surrounded by comfortable upholstered furniture. It is equally important to choose a reliable pedestal or table made of plastic or wood for the cinema.

Design and interior of the living room

Many families consider the organization of dance and music evenings to be the main function of the living room, and therefore the music center equipped with karaoke becomes the key item in its arrangement. Naturally, in such a room there should not be a lot of upholstered furniture, but on the contrary, free space is required, allowing you to arrange dances without restrictions. However, such a living room can hardly be used for its intended purpose in an ordinary residential building, since there is a high risk of disturbing neighbors. Rather, it is suitable for a country or private home.

If you like large rooms that are close to halls in size, you can combine the living room with other rooms or even the kitchen, separating it from the main space with a bar counter. Upholstered furniture can be placed around the perimeter of the living room, and in order to make the resulting space not seem too empty, decorate it with decorative items. In the center of the living room, you can place a round table covered with a tablecloth to match the color of the upholstery of the rest of the furniture. The division of zones in such a living room-studio is carried out using various light sources.

Living rooms with a fireplace, which gives the room style and comfort, look especially impressive. But it should be noted that the installation of a fireplace is possible only in a room of the appropriate size and will require considerable financial investments.

Living room interior fireplace

Choosing furniture for the living room, be guided by its quality and reliability, as well as your taste preferences. The most optimal solution is cabinet furniture, which combines convenience and reliability. If you are used to carrying out frequent rearrangements of furniture, then modular furniture is suitable for you, which is very easy to move to another place.

Despite the fact that leather furniture is considered very fashionable now, it is better not to be stingy and buy upholstered furniture made from natural fabrics, which will make the living room much more comfortable. You can complement the interior of the living room with beautiful curtains, carpets and decorative soft pillows.

A beautiful comfortable living room will not only impress your guests, but will also become a favorite vacation spot for your entire family.