It doesn’t matter where you live – in an apartment or your own house, the kitchen is of the utmost importance in the organization of everyday life. The design of the kitchen is very important for a comfortable pastime on it. This room is intended not only for cooking, but is also a traditional gathering place for the whole family, who not only have lunch and dinner here, but also relax and communicate with each other.

There are several ways to plan a kitchen, which are determined by dividing the space into three functional areas of the room – the work area, the dining area and the aisle area. The working area is intended for cooking. This process includes several stages: storing and processing products, preparing dishes, distributing them, washing dishes and eliminating waste. The working area includes three levels. The first includes a work surface, including countertops, a sink and a stove. It is here that all stages of cooking are carried out. At the same time, the hostess does not stand in one place, but moves from the area where the products are stored to the table intended for their preparation, subsequent washing and cooking. It is necessary to most rationally arrange the work surfaces, creating a continuous line from them, along which the hostess will move without interference. The sink and cooker are also part of this line. If the dimensions of the kitchen do not allow the formation of a single line, it is necessary to make breaks only in those places where any cooking operation ends. The arrangement of kitchen furniture and equipment in the most rational way allows the hostess to spend much less time on cooking. Above or below the work surface are cabinets and shelves for storing items necessary for the cooking process (2nd and 3rd levels).

If the kitchen area exceeds 7 square meters, it will be quite convenient to place a dining area in it, organized using a dining table for several people. This arrangement will not only facilitate the work of serving food, but also eliminate the need to constantly keep a dining table in the living room. A rather convenient solution is a transforming table, which takes up little space when folded, and, if necessary, easily unfolds for a festive dinner.

Based on the shape and dimensions of the kitchen, as well as the location of windows and doors in it, you get the opportunity to perform such types of layouts in it as single-row, double-row, C-shaped, U-shaped, L-shaped and kitchen-island.

A single-row layout is suitable for narrow rooms with a width of at least two meters with windows located in the end walls. At the same time, a working area is located along one wall, and a dining area along the other. Such a kitchen would be a good solution for a family of two. Its main advantage is the compact arrangement of kitchen equipment and work surface.

single row kitchen

If the width of the kitchen is equal to or greater than a distance of 2.3 meters, and the room is an elongated rectangle with a longitudinal side that does not allow the kitchen equipment to be placed in one row. A good solution is to place the sink and stove on one side, and the refrigerator and cupboard on the other. However, other accommodation options are also possible.

double row kitchen

This layout is especially convenient for small rooms with a shape resembling a square. The advantages of this layout is that it allows you to create a continuous line of the working area and at the same time place it near the window. Also in this way it is very easy to achieve the separation of the premises into the working and dining areas.

G - kitchen layout

This type of layout allows you to place kitchen equipment near the three walls of the kitchen and is especially suitable for rooms with a window in the longitudinal wall. With a large area of ​​​​the room, the U-layout allows you to conveniently place a dining area in the kitchen and can be used both in large and small kitchens with an area of ​​\u200b\u200bno more than 5-6 square meters. Regardless of the dimensions of the kitchen, the U-layout will allow you to create a continuous line, as well as rationally use the corner elements of furniture and equipment.

P - kitchen layout

The C-layout is well suited for kitchens with a large area, its main advantage is the convenient division of space into a working and dining area, which makes it possible to completely abandon the use of the dining room.

C - kitchen layout

This type of layout is possible only in rooms of especially large size. It is a variant of the L-shaped or U-shaped layout with an additional working area located in the middle of the room.

Kitchen - island