The entrance hall is an indispensable attribute of any apartment. It protects the house from the penetration of the views of strangers who have entered it, as well as from cold, drafts and other unpleasant phenomena. Hallways exist in the dwellings of various peoples living both in the north and in the south. The first to decide to make the hallway not only functional, but also beautiful, were the French, who used furniture, flowers, and various accessories for this. A well-thought-out interior design of the hallway is very important, because sometimes it is only by this room that those who come in draw conclusions about those who live in it. However, it is often quite difficult to create a harmonious elegant interior of the hallway, which is due to its small size, poor location or shape.

hallway design

The vestibule is one of the most common types of vestibules in buildings of various times of creation. The main disadvantage of such a hallway is the lack of space: this room is intended not only for dressing, but also for storing outerwear, hats, shoes, etc. Therefore, when guests come to the house who also need to place their things, the room becomes quite crowded. The main thing that can be done to improve such a hallway is to increase its area. To do this, you can remove the built-in niches in it, which can be replaced with more compact cabinets or shelves.

In some cases, it is advisable to combine the hallway with other rooms. Of course, for this you will have to reduce the size of the adjacent room, but the hallway will become more comfortable. You can enlarge the hallway by expanding the doorway between the hallway and other rooms of the apartment. Then the boundaries between them can be marked with the help of floor coverings that differ from each other, material for finishing walls or ceilings. Also, the visual increase in the hallway is facilitated by small furniture with a mirrored facade.


If the ceiling in your small hallway is too high, which makes the dimensions of the room somewhat ridiculous, you can reduce it by installing mezzanines. Thus, you can increase the usable space of the room. In order for the mezzanine to look more stylish, you can mount spotlights in them.

First of all, when choosing furniture for the hallway, you need to focus on the size of the room. In a small hallway, you need to place only the most necessary pieces of furniture: hangers, wardrobes, shelves for shoes. Also here you can put a small chest of drawers where you can place the phone. A key holder should be attached to the wall, this will save you from a frantic search for keys at the moment when you leave the apartment. Storage facilities for umbrellas and newspapers will keep these items organized and in order.

For spacious hallways, a closet is a good solution, where you can compactly and conveniently place all the necessary things – clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. a mirrored facade or mirrored sliding doors will make the room more stylish. Due to the fact that there is usually no natural light in the hallways, it is advisable to mount spotlights in the cabinets.

Hallway furniture

Even if your hallway has a fairly large area, you do not need to store an excessive amount of things in it. A large accumulation of them will lead to the fact that the design of the room will be lost, and the style – and therefore the “face” of your home – will be lost.

Despite the fact that we spend a very small amount of time in the hallway, this important room can play an important role in shaping our mood for the whole day. Did you nervously look for the keys to the door, late for work, or looked at yourself in an elegant mirror, went about your business? The answer to this question depends on how carefully you approach the arrangement of the interior of your hallway.