A modern apartment should be spectacular and stylish not only in rooms and halls. Such an element of her space as a dressing room should also be designed effectively and tastefully. Bulky cabinets and large cabinets are a thing of the past, and their place is occupied by stylish and functional wardrobes or dressing rooms.

Any apartment is not only a place where people live, but also a space where they store their things. And due to the fact that each person must have a considerable number of things (for example, clothes and shoes for different seasons of the year), and not one person, but a whole family usually lives in an apartment, proper storage of things is very important. Very often, people lay out items in various cabinets located in several rooms. Whereas it would be much more convenient to take a separate room for their storage.

Dressing room design

Many people refuse their own dressing room, I believe that it can only be equipped in a large apartment with a large number of rooms. In fact, a dressing room can fit perfectly in the smallest room. The main thing is not to randomly fold things in it as if they are some kind of trash, but place them on convenient shelves and racks so that the necessary item is always at hand.

It may be that in your apartment there is no free space at all, which could be turned into a dressing room. In this case, you can perform an independent small redevelopment of the home, fencing off a small area from the living room or bedroom space. In order to visually expand the room, install open shelves and racks in it. Modern developments of designers and designers will allow you to make the dressing room elegant and stylish.

Dressing room design in the apartment

If you live in a large country house or a spacious apartment, you can allocate a large area for a dressing room. Creating such a room will allow you to get rid of the need to store various things in your rooms, which means freeing up their space occupied by furniture. The dressing room seems to perform the functions of a large closet designed to store clothes. You can go there to change clothes, pick up a suit or just take a break from the hustle and bustle. The interior of the dressing room resembles a closet, as the number of shelves and racks in it is quite significant. Shelves can be attached to the walls of the room to store a variety of clothing accessories, as well as bags, shoes and other items. There are now many specialized wardrobe room furniture on the market, including sections and brackets for trousers and ties, as well as special shelves for underwear and mesh baskets for small items. As a material for the manufacture of wardrobe furniture, various types of wood, chipboard, plastic and chrome-plated metal are used.

The elegant appearance of the dressing room is given by aluminum racks, to which shelves and drawers are attached. Such designs visually expand the room and make it lighter. The upper part of the structure consists of a variety of hangers for dresses, jackets, blouses and warm clothes. Below are chests of drawers, including several drawers. When choosing furniture for a dressing room, proceed from the following points: the number and type of things that you need to place there, compatibility with the overall interior of the room and a beautiful appearance that you should like. There are no strict rules for arranging a dressing room, the main thing is that it should be comfortable and cozy for you.

Dressing room interior

To finish the dressing room, you can use laminate, natural, wood, veneer, as well as various types of glass, wallpaper, mirrors. The latter is an indispensable attribute of any dressing room in order to be able to look at yourself while trying on clothes. For women, a very comfortable solution would be to place a magnifying mirror in the dressing room, which will allow you to correct your hair or makeup. If the dressing room is somewhat dark, install additional lighting for the mirror. In order to make the dressing room more comfortable, place a small ottoman near the mirror and spread a carpet or carpet on the floor.

In order to maintain comfort and order in the dressing room, arrange it so that each family member has their own place in it. You can also place those items that a good housewife should always have at hand – a sewing machine, an iron, an ironing board. To prevent the ironing board from taking up too much space in the dressing room, attach it to the wall, from where it can be easily removed if necessary.

Interior and dressing room design

Doors to the dressing room can be of several types: accordion, hinged and sliding. Their choice depends on its location and dimensions. Dressing room in the form of a separate room, located in a large apartment with plenty of space, can be equipped with hinged doors, which are distinguished by a particularly rich assortment. Sliding doors look quite unusual, which allows them to be used to give the interior a special style. Accordion doors are most suitable for dressing rooms, which are a fenced off part of the space of the room.

The final touch of creating the design of the dressing room is the arrangement of its lighting. If the room is sufficiently well lit by natural light, it will be enough to install built-in lights in it. To illuminate the mirror, incandescent lamps are best suited, which can be placed on both sides. And in order to make the atmosphere more intimate, use sconces, decorative lamps and hidden light sources.

Although the arrangement of the dressing room will require you time and effort, you will immediately appreciate how much more comfortable it has made your apartment, ridding it of bulky closets and combining all the necessary items in one room.