Some time ago it was impossible to imagine a house or apartment without a dining room. However, times are changing, and the abundance of small apartments has led to the fact that this room is not present in every housing. Increasingly, you can find “dining rooms”, which are part of the kitchen or living room. Today, the owners of houses and apartments have returned to the old traditions, returning the canteen to its lost position. Modern apartments do not always allow you to allocate an entire room for the dining room, but even a dining area allocated in the space of the living room or kitchen can be cozy and comfortable. The interior design of the dining room is limited only by the imagination of the owners, however, it should be noted that if the dining room is an area combined with a kitchen or any room, then its style should be in harmony with the rest of the premises. But at the same time, the boundaries between functional areas should be clearly marked.

dining room design

If the dining room is located in the same place as the kitchen, you are faced with the task of arranging a multifunctional room, delimited into a working and dining area. The border between two spaces can be made using a variety of design techniques. For example, an arched opening can not only mark the boundary between functional areas, but also visually expand the room. Other possible ways to delimit the two zones are multi-level ceilings, sliding doors and partitions, steps on the floor. In addition, materials of various colors and textures can be used, which is not only aesthetic, but also convenient, since for the working area where cooking takes place and, therefore, wet cleaning is often necessary, tiles, linoleum or washable wallpaper are better suited. And for the dining area, carpet, laminate and textile wallpaper would be a good solution.

The location of the dining room in the living room is also quite common. The advantage of this layout is that it allows you to immediately move to the recreation area after dinner, where you can continue communication in more comfortable conditions. Due to somewhat similar functions of the dining area and the relaxation area, which are mainly intended for communication with friends and a joint lunch, the boundaries between them are almost invisible and are marked either by furniture or by mobile sliding partitions. To decorate such a living-dining room, it is necessary to purchase comfortable upholstered furniture, as well as a TV or home theater.

Dining room interior

If your apartment allows you to allocate a separate room for the dining room, you will need to approach the arrangement of its interior especially carefully. Indeed, in this case, the dining room becomes a place where various celebrations and other events are held, guests and friends of the house gather here, which is why it is very important to carefully approach its interior in order to leave only a positive impression on the guests who come here. The design of the dining room can be made in any style, from classic to hi-tech.

Any dining room should have a table, chairs, as well as a variety of cabinets for storing household utensils. Of course, in the center of the dining room there should be a table, which can be round, square, rectangular or oval. For a real dining room, designed for a large number of people, you need to purchase a transforming table that can fold and unfold.

The most common material for making tables is wood. When choosing furniture, make sure that the material from which the table is made is both durable and moisture resistant. Furniture made using glass and metal makes the room especially modern and visually enlarges it. Nevertheless, it is the tree that gives the room a special cosiness. To protect furniture from scratches on the surface, tablecloths and napkins are well suited, which, moreover, improve the interior of the dining room.

Chairs play an equally important role in the arrangement of the dining room. As a rule, they are made in the same style and harmoniously combined with the table. The main qualities that you should pay attention to when choosing them are strength, convenience and aesthetic properties. The most durable upholstery of chairs is genuine leather, but tapestries and various fabrics look no less impressive. Currently, furniture stores offer a wide variety of types of chairs, so the owner of any apartment will be able to choose among them what is the most suitable option.

Dining room design and interior

Not one dining room can do without a sideboard, which is not only a functional item, but also serves as a very good interior decoration. As a rule, it is distinguished by doors made using glass, which can be matte, tinted or completely transparent. The lower part of the sideboard is closed and is designed to store dishes, tablecloths and other necessary items in it. You can decorate the upper part of the sideboard by placing various souvenirs, figurines and other accessories there.

To illuminate the dining room, it is necessary to use several light sources: it is rational to hang a chandelier above the dining table, the height of which can be changed. An additional light source is needed to illuminate the recreation area.

You can make the atmosphere more comfortable and relaxed by placing decorative plants around the room – palm trees, ficuses and others.

Equipping the dining room, do not forget that it can become truly cozy only when you fill it with the spirit of cordiality and goodwill.