Some time ago, apartment owners, receiving housing with standard small or even combined bathrooms and toilets, almost did not think about their design. However, a modern buyer, as a rule, pays attention not only to the dimensions of the premises, but also to their layout. The bathroom is an important room in the apartment, the convenience of which must be paid considerable attention. In Europe and the USA, such strict attention to the design of their own apartment and the organization of their comfort began to be paid for a long time. However, our desire to transform the bathroom into something different from a room intended only for washing has appeared quite recently. The bathroom is the place where we can relax in warm water and gain strength before working days. That is why it is very important that its interior evokes only the most favorable thoughts in us, for which we need to carefully consider the design of the bathroom, select interior items, finishing materials, equipment, lighting, and various accessories for it.

bathroom design

It is possible to make a bathroom cozy, comfortable and at the same time practical and convenient even if it has a very miniature size. A beautiful bathroom will not only give you a boost of energy, but also make you feel so rested, as if you had just returned from the resort. Thinking over the design of the bathroom, pay attention to its dimensions, the individual features of the shape of the room and, of course, do not forget about your own preferences.

If you prefer a classic style, use marble tiles to decorate the walls of the bathroom, and choose natural stone furniture for it with a pattern that matches the overall style of the room. An indispensable attribute of a classic interior is granite and marble. For example, practical and spectacular marble countertops go well with light-colored furniture. You can also use Venetian plaster that imitates natural stone. But it should be noted that this interior design is only suitable for large rooms.

Bathroom Design - Classic Style

If you prefer country style, reminiscent of the furnishings of small village houses, you must use natural materials, as well as a variety of handmade accessories. For example, you can use wicker furniture that does not deteriorate from high humidity, and use various types of wood as finishing materials for walls. Ethnic style will require wood or natural stone and other natural materials. The abundance of finishing materials on the market will allow you to realize any fantasies and desires.

Bathroom Design - Country Style

Thinking about the future interior design of the bathroom, do not forget about its functional purpose. In this room, a large number of items should be conveniently located, such as a bath or shower, plumbing equipment, furniture. It is necessary to carefully approach their choice, since the increased level of humidity and temperature in the bathroom makes special demands on the items used there.