The first attic was created more than four centuries ago by an architect from France. Many years have passed since then, but its arrangement continues to be just as popular, and not only in France, but also in other countries, you can find houses with attics. The main advantage of the attic is the ability to expand the space of your home without any effort and significant financial outlays.

After the inhabitants of France found such a comfortable use for the attic, other Europeans followed suit. The attic became especially attractive for representatives of creative professions: its atmosphere attracted artists, musicians, artists, and singers. In addition, the owners of houses began to rent out the attic as housing. At present, the attic is very popular in the construction of cottages and elite country houses, which is facilitated by modern building materials. Even an ordinary building, decorated with a pitched roof, under which an attic is located, becomes more noble and elegant.

Attic design

The roof of the building, which is located under the attic, consists of several layers, each of which performs a specific task. It is on their quality that the comfort of living in the attic, as well as its reliability, largely depends. The main purpose of the roof is to protect the people in the building from precipitation. In addition, the roof performs load-bearing, waterproofing and heat-insulating functions. Recently, homeowners have begun to pay serious attention to the aesthetic parameters of the roof. The main elements of the roof are the supporting frame, under the roof filling, which performs the functions of ventilation, waterproofing, vapor barrier and thermal ventilation, as well as the roof. The complex structure of the roof is due to the fact that it is exposed to both external and internal factors, and at the same time, living in an attic located under the roof should be cozy and comfortable.

To create an attic, materials such as various types of tiles, euroslate, metal tiles, seam roofs are used. Currently, the most popular material among them is metal tiles, which are of high quality and low price. The metal tile does not cause difficulties during installation, is easy to operate, is characterized by a wide variety of color shades, as well as low weight. The disadvantages of using metal tiles include the fact that when used, it produces a lot of noise, which requires additional soundproofing measures. For those who have sufficient funds to build a house, a roof made of natural tiles, which is the most expensive, reliable and high-quality material today, would be a good solution. You can refuse to use roof structures in construction with the help of MDM-plates, which you just need to put in the required position, cover each side with concrete plaster, and then proceed with the installation of the roofing material.

Attic interior

The main advantage of attics is their spaciousness and good access to fresh air. In the attic, you can place any room that seems most convenient to you – a library, a winter garden or an office for work. And, of course, there may be a children’s room, a bedroom, a workshop or a dressing room that you decide to hide from prying eyes. The attic is ideal for organizing a gym in it.

The walls of the attic can be both strictly vertical and inclined. The space near the joints of the floor with the roof can be used to store various things, which will require equipping it with all kinds of drawers and shelves.

When choosing an attic interior design, be guided by your tastes and habits. It can be country style or hi-tech, classic or modern. To create coziness, designers recommend using materials of the same tone in the decoration of the attic. To do this, you can use wood, drywall, which can be painted or wallpapered. To visually increase the space and height of the room, it is recommended to use light pastel colors in the decoration.

Design and interior of the attic

Like any other room, the attic should be well lit. To do this, you can use slanted windows made specifically for this type of room. Such windows let in 40% more light and can be placed in the most optimal spot on the roof in terms of lighting the room. These windows are somewhat stronger than conventional ones, and therefore they are well tolerated by the effects of precipitation, including rain and hail, as well as sudden changes in temperature.

When equipping the attic, keep in mind that the main advantage of this room is the feeling of spaciousness that it gives, so you do not need to overload it with an excessive amount of furniture and any things.

Currently, residents of city apartments who do not have their own attic often transfer its functions to attic spaces. Of course, the attic cannot be compared with a real attic, but it is quite possible to free up the space of an apartment by moving a billiard room or a gym there.