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The importance of the study room became particularly evident when the pandemic started – we all shut ourselves up at home and worked, studied, and spent our free time in them. At the first opportunity, many have installed a study room, the atmosphere of which helps to focus and not be distracted. The right interior of the work room makes it even easier to concentrate, so it is necessary to pay enough attention to this work – even the smallest details can help you concentrate or, on the contrary, distract you.

We have discussed 15 study room interior examples that will inspire you to create a personal study room interior.

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The desk is the most important piece of furniture in the office. It must fit a computer, necessary documents, books and other things needed for work.

The interior of the workroom should not only be comfortable, but also pleasing to the eye, so don’t be afraid to choose a black or other rare color desk.

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It is also important to choose the right lighting – long work at the computer or documents tire the eyes and promote drowsiness. The interior of the workroom does not have to be bright, but at least two light sources that reduce the amount of shadows are necessary. A desk lamp aimed at the workplace is perfect for this.

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If you work with a computer in the office, give it a permanent place that is not cluttered with things. Specialists recommend applying the Scandinavian principle of minimalism – thanks to it, each item has its own and you don’t need to waste work time organizing, looking for a place for the necessary items.

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When working at the computer, physical activity is significantly lower than recommended by doctors, and in order to avoid long-term health consequences, back pain, it is necessary to choose a comfortable work chair that promotes correct sitting posture. This is not only a detail of the interior design of the working room, it is a concern for health.

There are a wide variety of work chairs – both ergonomic and simpler, both modern and ordinary, so everyone will find the right option for themselves.

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A study room for those who work with computer games or like to spend their free time playing should also be thought out. Gaming chairs the purchase further increases the impressions and makes the back work easier.

If you are setting up a modern-style study room adapted for computer games, think about storing all the necessary equipment. Both microphone and called gaming headset must not interfere with work, but at the same time be easily accessible.

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Another great lighting idea for a modern-style work room is an LED strip that illuminates the work desk. This idea can be very nicely adapted to both a modern-style study and to liven up older styles.

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If you like to spend time thinking and looking for inspiration while working, place the table near the window in the study room. Greenery or active city life is truly inspiring, and a few minutes of rest between jobs has never hurt anyone.

Such ideas are best suited for implementation Laptopswhich can be easily grabbed, since the monitor of a stationary computer blocks a considerable part of the image.

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The eighth example proves that the interior of the study room can be cozy. It does not need to be equated with the interior of the office, additional, eye-catching details can be incorporated as successfully as bookshelves.

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Lovers of vintage items and style can apply their knowledge and interests in the interior design of the work room. This room should be pleasant, not oppressive, so hobbies will find a place in it.

The interior of a vintage-style workroom is especially suitable for people working in creative work, as it is like another creativity project that provides experience and inspiration.

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A study room is not necessarily a separate room. You can allocate a zone for work in any room, but the most popular choice is the living room.

In order to turn the living room into a study, it is necessary to equip a comfortable place for working with a computer and take care of additional furniture for storing things – a cabinet, chest of drawers or shelves. It is important to separate work from rest, and documents that do not have a place and are thrown on the table will not allow you to fully relax during your free time.

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The interior of the workroom should be thought out down to the smallest detail – if every item has its place, you will work in a neat and clean environment.

If you have run out of cabinets in your study, think about boxes for documents, stationery, requisites needed for work. These boxes can be not only convenient, but also beautiful – braided, knitted, plastic.

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Often two people use one office. If the same situation has arisen in your family, clearly separate the two workplaces and storage areas for things needed for different jobs.

Separate tables, drawers and their systems will allow you to work comfortably and without external interference.

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Another ideal example of using one space for several purposes is a small and cozy computer workstation in the living room where free time is allowed. It is true that dining chairs are not suitable for everyone – if you spend eight hours a day at the computer, you should choose more comfortable chairs that are more suitable for your back, shoulders, and neck.

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A study room is needed not only for those who work at the computer, but also for other activities – those engaged in needlework business, sewing, styling. A separate room for the storage and convenient use of all the necessary things helps to maintain order at home, everything you need to have at hand.

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It is important to understand that the interior of the study room can be not only beautiful, but also useful. For example, you can adapt the shelves to store the things you need, but it doesn’t have to be the usual storage in boxes or a pile of hard-to-find things.

The photo shows an excellent example of this – the cameras needed for work are not only neatly placed and easily accessible, but also decorate the room. Other items can also become a great useful decoration – for example, the radio for listening to music or for style book inspiration.

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Designing the interior of a workroom is a very fun and rewarding activity. With the right selection of convenient storage systems, a work chair, a table and lighting that does not strain the eyes, you will enjoy a calm and inspiring place to work. In the 1a.lt online store, you will find not only these most important items for furnishing the work room, but also many decorations and items needed for work.