Mmmm … how appetizingly a cup of cocoa smokes on the windowsill. An autumn morning is crying outside the window, but the house is cozy and warm.

The bed is unmade, and why, I’ll just finish my morning portion of happiness and dive under the covers again … Saturday, there’s nowhere to rush, everyone is still sleeping …

Or so … On the eve of the Christmas holidays, the house smells of pine needles and ginger. Evening, candles are burning, garlands and reflections of flame in His eyes. Children on the floor collect puzzles, the cat lazily stretches at a distance …
Familiar? This is hygge.
Probably many have not yet heard this funny Danish word, but it already goes hand in hand with another, but already Swedish (more on that later).
There is no analogue to this term in any language of the world, therefore it is called only in this way all over the globe. What it is?

What is an emotion, a feeling, a state of mind? It is difficult to describe the feeling of peace and comfort, security and just quiet happiness.
Hygge is a whole philosophy, when the pace of life becomes more measured, work gives way to family, home is cozy comfort, nature is part of home, and happiness is in the details, simple, affordable and so cute.
Yes, maybe this does not fit into our not always stable reality, and the life of a metropolis does not tend to freeze at all, except to slightly slow down the pace. However, one morning or evening you can afford to live like this, in the hygge style, relaxed and peaceful.

At such moments, the phones are turned off, the lights are dimmed, the most elegant plates are on the dining table, harmony, harmony and serenity reign in the house. Hygge is a state of mind…
And there is such a thing as the hygge interior style, some distinguish it as a separate design direction. But in fact, this is everyone’s favorite Scandinavian style, seasoned with Danish notes.

PILLOWS There are many of them and they are in those places where it is customary to relax with the whole family. An abundance of textures that are pleasant to the touch and romantic inscriptions or drawings. This heap combines the incongruous and most importantly, everything should be extremely practical and natural.
PLED Classic checkered, fringed, cashmere or knitted, or maybe made of artificial fur … It doesn’t matter what it is, it’s important that it lies right here, on the sofa, at arm’s length and at any moment you can wrap it up from head to toe legs.
SOFT TOYS are an additional tactile element that cheers up with its funny look. Their place is among the pillows.
COZY PAJAMAS… soft and warm enough to spend at least half a day in.

KNITTED SOCKS, always with a pattern, so that when warming your feet by the fireplace, there is something to admire, against the backdrop of a fire dance 🙂

A CUP of hygge is always big, thick-walled and even “dressed.” Oh, it’s so nice to warm your hands without burning your fingers, slowly sipping your favorite hot drink.

HOME BAKING on the table is a difficult question, but after all, a couple of cookies can be “worked out” in the gym. Desserts, however, like any other food, are put only in beautiful dishes, because all good things cannot be put off until tomorrow.
BOOKS: no gadgets, only paper that rustles pleasantly when turning pages, smells like a typography and a home library. Reading a ladies’ novel or a light detective story will distract you from obsessive thoughts, help you relax and unwind.

CANDLES: one is definitely not enough. To create a cozy atmosphere for the holiday of the soul, you will need a lot of them. Budget option: take a bath by the light of tablet candles. At least an hour of complete relaxation is guaranteed 🙂

NATURE outside the window, she is inside the house. Any natural items taken from the environment will find their right place among your favorite things. Their presence will once again remind you of unity with the outside world.

Why, you ask all this to you?

To appreciate those pleasant moments that life sends, to fully live each “today” without postponing life for later. After all, happiness is not far off, it is here, with you, in simple things…

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