Customers and tasks

The owners of this two-room apartment in one of the modern residential complexes in Moscow are a mature family couple. They wanted to decorate it for themselves and for the reception of guests, children and grandchildren. Therefore, the family needed a spacious common area with a dining table for at least six people, a comfortable sofa, and a kitchen where it would be comfortable to cook. With this, the couple turned to the studio of designer Olga Tsurikova.


According to the original plan, the apartment was two-room, with two bathrooms and a fairly long corridor that led from the hallway to the back room. To fulfill the wishes of the owners for a spacious common area, redevelopment was simply necessary. The author of the project proposed to combine the kitchen with the next room. After redevelopment, the kitchen is positioned as a “kitchen niche”. In addition, a corridor area was added to the common space, using an unnecessary transit zone. The hallway is also “open” to the kitchen-living room.

The bedroom has an additional dressing room. And the one that was provided by the developer at the entrance has become a capacious pantry.


Paint was chosen for the walls. Wallpaper was used in some areas. So, the wall opposite the sofa was covered with wallpaper with a geometric pattern, which echoes the layout on the mirrored facades of the kitchen set. And in the bedroom, behind the head of the bed, there is wallpaper with a floral print. According to the author of the project, wallpapering adds comfort. In the hallway part of the wall is decorated with fabric panels.

In the bathroom, different types of tiles were combined – glossy blue square tiles and large-format marble-effect porcelain tiles. In addition to living rooms, wallpaper was used in a small bathroom. This made it possible to turn a utilitarian room into a real room. The lower half of the wall is tiled, so it’s more practical.

On the floor in residential areas – an engineering board under oil. Material that is pleasant to walk on barefoot. In addition, the board can be updated if necessary by scraping. The kitchen area is tiled, as is the hallway. Everything is for the sake of practicality, but they did not forget about the decorative finish. So, in the hallway – tiles with geometric patterns. On the kitchen apron there is a glossy boar with a chamfer and volumetric decor. According to the designer, the owners discussed the possible difficulties of caring for such tiles, but the decorative aspect won out.

Furniture and storage systems

Due to the fact that a dressing room was allocated in the bedroom, and a pantry in the hallway, wardrobes were abandoned in the apartment. In the living room, bookcases and decor were added, one of which is built into a niche next to the entrance to the bedroom.

The kitchen set turned out to be very roomy. He is corner. On the one hand, an oven and a microwave oven are built into the column. On the other side, a free-standing refrigerator is inscribed in a niche. Upper cabinets are made to the ceiling, which increases the amount of storage.

In the bedroom, in addition to the dressing room, there is a chest of drawers opposite the bed and spacious bedside tables, which are also, in fact, mini chests of drawers.

In the hallway there are boxes combined with a seating area. The bathroom has a spacious cabinet for the sink, a hanging cabinet next to the mirror and a storage system built into the wall, which also captures the volume above the toilet installation. A heated towel rail is installed directly on the door. In the bathroom there is also a locker above the installation, there is a water heater hidden there.

Most of the furniture was made to order. Ready positions were selected from Russian manufacturers.


The main lighting is solved by point built-in lamps. This scenario was used in the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and hallway. Additional lighting scenarios – functional and decorative. For example, a chandelier in the living room area, complemented by a stucco rosette, and pendants above the dining table, a chandelier in the bedroom. Spectacular sconces in the bedroom next to the bed and in the dressing table area. Sconces on the mirror were mounted in the bathroom. Hangers were used in the bathroom and hallway.

Designer Olga Tsurikova, author of the project:

The whole project was done as planned, exactly with the visualization, for me this is confirmation that we know how to listen to our client. But there were small disputes over the guest bathroom. The customers had doubts about using wallpaper in the bathroom, but I convinced them that the wallpaper is practical, and, most importantly, they complement the tiles, they will give the effect of a cozy room, and not a cold room with walls in floor-to-ceiling tiles. A ball-shaped chandelier completes this story. An interesting point is that the doors are different in installation and design, this is done to maximize the use of space. At the entrance there is a door to the dressing room with a classic layout, it is sliding, on the contrary – a concealed door, from the side of the bathroom – for painting, and from the side of the hallway – a mirror on the door leaf. In the bedroom and in the bathroom there are classic swing doors, but in the bedroom there is a sliding door to the dressing room, painted from the side of the bedroom, and mirrored from the side of the dressing room.

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